Fox's Karl Rove Accuses Obama Campaign Of Attempting To Buy The Election

On Sean Hannity's radio show today, Fox contributor Karl Rove said that the Obama campaign will attempt to win the election by “trying to take their wallet and buying it.”

Karl Rove, of course, is the co-founder of a large Republican Super PAC. In an interview with Reuters in April, Rove said he intended to spend $300 million through his Super PAC during the 2012 election cycle: [emphasis added]

This year, thanks to the American Crossroads “Super PAC” organization that he co-founded, Rove will have vast resources to fertilize Romney's campaign: a massive wallet, one of the loudest megaphones in conservative media, and close ties to Romney's campaign.


In an interview with Reuters, Rove described his vision for Crossroads, which he founded with his friend Ed Gillespie in 2010. Crossroads - which has received seven-figure donations from several wealthy Republicans - hopes to spend $300 million on this election.

Beyond helping Romney match Democratic President Barack Obama's vast fundraising effort, Rove said he wants Crossroads to be a permanent figure on the political landscape - a big-money, independent group that works in concert with the Republican Party on strategy and involves its most influential donors.

Rove has frequently used his Fox News platform to distort the national debate and further his campaign to defeat Obama.