Fox's Juan Williams Calls Out Sean Hannity For “Inspiring Fear And Discrimination Against” Muslim Refugees

From the November 18 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): FBI director, the assistant FBI director, the U.S. director of intelligence, State Department spokesman. We have the Homeland Security committee chairman and others are all saying ISIS will infiltrate the refugee population. Now there are a thousand, they've all said that they will infiltrate.

JUAN WILLIAMS: What they said is that they have ongoing investigations.


WILLIAMS: And it's possible. But the fact is, Sean --

HANNITY: Wait, wait, no, let me correct you.

WILLIAMS: All right.

HANNITY: They said that, and by the way I'll add to that General John Allen. They have all said that it is likely that ISIS will infiltrate the refugee population. They've all warned the president. Why is your president willing to gamble with the lives of American citizens in light of the fact that they were able to infiltrate in France? Why would you gamble with people's lives?

WILLIAMS: First of all, what happened in France were people who were holding European passports.

HANNITY: Excuse me. They were refugees who went to Belgium and then attacked France. Refugees.

WILLIAMS: No, no, these were people, in fact the prime bad guy was a child of Moroccan refugees who was born in Belgium.

HANNITY: You're missing the point. Why would we take in 10,000 refugees when you have General John Allen, America's top envoy coalition to defeat ISIS, the FBI director, the director of national intelligence, they're all saying they'll infiltrate. Why take that risk? Why gamble with American lives?

WILLIAMS: Because, guess what, this is a country based on the idea that we are compassionate. That we will take in the immigrants from other countries.

HANNITY: And when they attack and people die --


HANNITY: When they attack like in Paris and people die, who has blood on their hands, Juan? Who has blood on their hands?

WILLIAMS: You are inspiring fear. Sean Hannity, you're inspiring fear and discrimination against people. This is like Jeb Bush saying, oh, yeah, take the Christians, not the Muslims. That is not America. That's some other place.


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