Fox’s Hannity Suggests Trump Is Being “Targeted” By Khan Family Because They Want Sharia

Sean Hannity To Trump: “Why Do You Think Mr. Khan Is Going After You When You Talk About Specifically People Coming From Countries That Practice Sharia?”

From the August 1 edition of Fox News’ Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Do you know that the same media that is obsessed with this Mr. Khan and his son, and he spoke at the DNC, et cetera, I want to go through this issue if I can slowly with you. You did call this man's son a hero, did you not? 

DONALD TRUMP: Yes, I did. Absolutely. Whenever you have the gold star families, whenever you have what you and I have discussed in the past, I mean these are great people, great families, frankly. 

HANNITY: When you were talking, when you talk about refugees or illegal immigration, you're not talking about people like the Khans. For example, James Clapper, our national director of intelligence, our CIA director, our FBI director, assistant FBI director, our chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, and even General John Allen, Obama’s special envoy to defeat ISIS, they have all warned us that the refugees that Obama is taking in and Hillary wants a 550 percent increase, that that refugee population will be infiltrated. So are you clear that you are not talking about the Khans. You are talking about what these people are saying? 

TRUMP: No, I'm not talking about the Khans. I'm not talking about a lot of people. I'm talking about people coming over here from Syria that aren't properly vetted. They're in the migration. Nobody knows if they're ISIS, they don’t know who they are. They're being put all over the country. Hillary wants a 550 percent increase over what Obama is bringing in. Obama is bringing them in by the thousands, by the thousands and she wants to bring them in 550 percent more. I think it's insane. 


HANNITY: You know, ISIS is involved in an attack every 84 hours. That came out last week. We know in the U.S. from our FBI director that all 50 states, there's over 1,000 ISIS investigations going on in the country. It sounds like the media wants one narrative. You're talking about protecting the homeland. And I want to ask why do you think Mr. Khan is going after you when you talk about specifically people coming from countries that practice Sharia, which discriminate against Christians and Jews and women and gays and lesbians, and whose values under Sharia are the antithesis of our constitutional values, and Hillary voted for the war and voted to pull out early? Why do you think you're being targeted? 

TRUMP: Well, I have no idea, but I watched him at the Democratic National Convention, and he was really going after me. There's no question about it.


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