Fox's Hannity: I'm Not Critical Of Trump Or Cruz “Because I Want Them, Whoever The Nominee Is, To Win”

Sean Hannity: “And If I Had Hillary On, I Would Not Be So Nice, Because I Want Her To Lose”

From the April 15 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): You know, here is the funny thing, I am the only person that has a cable news show that says they are a conservative.


HANNITY: In other words, I don't hide my political views. It's the op-ed page of a newspaper, it's the opinion page. And, you know, some people have been critical, “Oh, you're too nice to Trump, or you're too nice to Cruz,” and I'm like “Yeah, because I want them, whoever the nominee is, to win.” And if I had Hillary on, I would not be so nice, because I want her to lose, because --

SUSTEREN: I bet you would be. You're a gentleman, you are fundamentally a gentleman. You'd give her hard questions, but you know what, Sean? I know, I don't know if the listeners know, you're a good man --


HANNITY: I've said this before, tell me if you agree with this, I think an interview with me and Obama would be horrible for me. And you want to know why?


HANNITY: Because I respect the office of the presidency so much.


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