Fox's Hannity Claims Obama's Response To Oregon Mass Shooting Is “A New Low” For The Administration

Sean Hannity: “Without Knowing A Thing,” Obama “Rushe[d] To Politicize” The Roseburg Shooting “And Is Proud Of It”

From the October 2 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): America is in mourning after yesterday's tragic shooting at a community college in Oregon. Now, tonight much is still unknown about the deranged gunman who murdered nine people in cold blood. However, according to multiple accounts, the shooter targeted his victims because of their Christian faith. Now, unfortunately, in the moments following the shooting, after knowing few details about yesterday's tragedy, the president decided to turn political and lecture America once again about gun control. Watch this.


HANNITY: Without knowing a thing, he rushes to politicize and is proud of it. Here with reaction, 2016 Republican presidential candidate, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is with us. Governor, I would argue in a presidency with many rhetorical low points -- you know, social Darwinism, Republican want dirty air and water -- or vice president Biden, “they're going to put you all back in chains,” throwing granny over the cliff. All of those things, this is a new low, even for this president to me. Without knowing a thing, without knowing the names of the victims even at the time. What is your reaction to that?

MIKE HUCKABEE: Well, it was very offensive, Sean. Because we didn't know any of the details. We later found out he was targeting Christians. But at that moment, he once again and goes out and says that we need to change the laws. And I would just simply say, “Mr. President, you talk about this being the 15th time, could you tell us what law you would change that would have prevented this?” Because every time he makes a proposal for a law, the clear reality is it would not have prevented it. I'll tell you what stopped that shooter, Sean. What stopped that shooter was the police officer who showed up with a gun. That stopped the shooter.


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