Fox's Gregg Jarrett: Trump should get an injunction to stop investigation into his finances

Jarrett: Robert Mueller and James Comey “may be acting in collusion to get the president”

From the July 24 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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GREGG JARRETT: If I were the president and Robert Mueller starts digging around into my finances, I’d go down to the nearest federal judge and get an injunction because the special counsel doesn’t have unlimited latitude to look into somebody’s finances. The law says there has to be just cause and a reasonable basis. And I can easily envision those federal judges saying, “Wait a minute. You’re not allowed to engage in a fishing expedition into somebody’s finances. Show me the probable cause" and so far there is none.


The whole Mueller/Comey investigation, and it can be called that because they may be acting in collusion to get the president. The whole thing stinks like Limburger cheese. I’ve never seen so many conflicts of interest all rolled into one investigation. Mueller has a disqualifying conflict of interest and under the special counsel statute, he is required to recuse himself because of his close relationship with Comey. The statute literally says that. And he hasn’t done it, which raises a serious conflict of interest question.


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