Fox's Gregg Jarrett slams Trump/Russia investigators in DOJ as a “syndicate,” and “cartel, the equivalent of the mob”

Jarrett: “There is a syndicate going on within the Department of Justice. Let's call it a cartel, the equivalent of the mob”

From the November 27 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): You write, Gregg Jarrett, that Weissmann is a notorious lawyer, known for abusive tactics and for weaponizing the law in a ruthless and often unprincipled quest to convict. Innocent people have been victimized by him. His biggest cases as we’ve been talking about reversed.

GREGG JARRETT: Yeah. I mean I think about all the people, tens of thousands of people who lost their jobs because of that man right there, over absolutely nothing. And the Merrill Lynch employees who were incarcerated, some of them in solitary confinement before the Fifth Circuit released them.

HANNITY: For a year? 

JARRETT: Yes, for nothing. I mean, this is man who has been accused of threatening witnesses and hiding exculpatory evidence. It is unconscionable, it is unethical –

HANNITY: How does he have even the ability to practice law?

JARRETT: Because there is a syndicate going on within the Department of Justice. Let's call it a cartel, the equivalent of the mob. It's composed of that man Andrew Weissmann, Robert Mueller, James Comey who has now lost his job and Rod Rosenstein who is the Deputy Attorney General.

And the fact that all four of them are involved in the Trump/Russia investigation should be a cause for concern for every American. They have little credibility because their integrity has been compromised.


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