Fox's Gingrich: “The Rise Of People” Who “Target White Policemen” Is “A Sad Commentary On Where Barack Obama Has Left America”

Gingrich: Obama “Has Made Relationships Worse, He Has Divided The Community From People Who Protect It”

From the July 8 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

NEWT GINGRICH: Lets start with the point you were making, which is that its so tragic, that after almost eight years of our first African-American president, he has made relationships worse, he has divided the community from people who protect it, he has consistently rushed to judgment against the forces of law and order, he has violated virtually everything we learned from Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg about how to fix New York City, where the number of murders is so much dramatically lower than Chicago, that if you really want to save young black lives, just get Chicago to have the same law enforcement perspective as New York, and you save an amazing number of lives in the first couple of years. So it's truly tragic that Barack Obama has become the great divider, and that in many ways he has helped undermine respect for the law, and respect for the rule of law. 

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): You know, after the chanting -- remember the Black Lives Matter tape of them chanting “pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon,” Obama actually invited Black Lives Matter leaders to the White House and thanked them for their outstanding work, and Hillary apparently has brought them on as advisers and they're advising her on criminal justice issues. We saw what happened with Beyoncé, and during the halftime performance at the Super Bowl, that cop-hating political statement that she made in support of the Black Panthers, and a Marxist group who was arrested for shooting a police officer; that all happened at our Super Bowl. She's friends with, apparently, the president and the first lady. It seems to always go back to his radical roots. All the time. 

GINGRICH: Well, and I think what has to trouble people is that we have such a gigantic failure of liberal bureaucratic government, that in Chicago, in Newark, in Detroit, in Baltimore, in place after place you've had a failure of local leadership, a failure of bureaucracy, and a failure of policy. And in that sense there are deeper problems today than there were 10 years ago. And it's going to require us as a people to have the courage to face reality that we need to change things so that people can get jobs, they can get educated, they can have a better future, they don't need to feel alienated. The most worrisome thing about last night is the rise of people who are so alienated, they think it's legitimate for them to go out and target white policemen. That is pure racism, and it is again a sad commentary on where Barack Obama has left America. 


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