Fox's Geraldo Rivera Questions Whether Collusion With Russian Government For Political Gain Is Even A Crime

Rivera: “If The KGB Chief Is Talking To Paul Manafort ... What's The Crime?”

From the May 10 edition of Fox News' Hannity

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GERALDO RIVERA: Let me say something revolutionary here. Wait a second, Jay. This, I think, is very important. Going back to the original sin, what is the allegation here? The allegation that some people in the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians. I submit to you, and I just had a conversation with Judge Napolitano about this. I've been scratching my head about this for months. What is the crime? If the Russian KGB chief is talking to Paul Manafort and the chief says, you know I've got this dirt here that says Hillary Clinton was this or that? And Paul Manafort says next Wednesday why don't you release that, that'd be great for us. I don't know that that's a crime at all, what's the crime?


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