Fox's Geraldo Rivera: “I Thought Hannity Was Crazy, He Was So Obsessed” With Getting Trump Elected

Rivera: “Hannity Led The Charge To Get President-Elect Trump Elected”

From the November 14 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (GUEST HOST):  I just -- I have to counter what you said about an ideological bend. When you consider that Donald Trump was so mad at this channel in particular, I just was writing this down; Steven [Inaudible], George Will, Bill Kristol was on with Brit Hume for a whole. That's just off the top of my head of people who were against his candidacy, up until the last day, including the myriad of guests we had on here, and --

GERALDO RIVERA (GUEST HOST): Are you asking me to defend Fox News right now?

KILMEADE: Yeah, no, I'm -- I'm defending Fox News.

RIVERA: I love Fox News. Fox News has me on it. I am the fair and balanced. Although you didn't see much of me during the election campaign. I thought Hannity led the charge for president-elect Trump. And I think that Hannity -- I thought Hannity was crazy, he was so obsessed with getting the president-elect elected, but it turns out Hannity was the was the only person in the entire country who got it right. 


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