Fox's Bolling On Fired Rutgers Coach: “The Best Coaches Are Coaches Like That”

Bolling Doubles-Down: “We Are Wussifying American Men And It Has To Stop”

Fox News' Eric Bolling doubled down on his praise of former Rutgers University basketball coach Mike Rice, who was fired for physically and verbally abusing players, saying, “The best coaches are coaches like that.”

Appearing on the April 4 edition of Fox News' America Live, Bolling claimed that Rice's dismissal is symptomatic of the “wussification” of American men, echoing a similar statement he made while co-hosting The Five the previous day.

Rice was fired after ESPN's Outside The Lines broadcast a video of a Rutgers basketball practice in which Rice is seen throwing basketballs at his players' heads, kicking players, and shouting homophobic slurs, among other abuses. Rice's behavior was sharply criticized by everyone from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to NBA stars like LeBron James and Stephen Curry. Rice was critical of his own behavior, saying, “There's no explanation for what's on those films. Because there is no excuse for it. I was wrong.”

Some of Fox News' most prominent personalities have taken a different approach to evaluating Rice's coaching tactics. Sean Hannity joined Bolling's defense of Rice, claiming the coach was just “trying to bring the best out of” his team.