Fox News' Sebastian Gorka: “We don't have people creating violence and encouraging it on the right”

From the October 16 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Look, Dr. Gorka America is going to survive if the people don't get out and Pelosi becomes the Speaker. But their agenda's clear.

SEBASTIAN GORKA (GUEST): It is. They've completely come out of the closet as radicals. The lunatics have taken over the asylum Sean, that's the very simplest summary of what's happened. They are trying to normalize violence, and it's not just the crazy characters that we have become used to such as Maxine Waters. But when you have a constant drumbeat that this is okay, that using violence is okay, when people don't talk about the consequences of people like James Hodgkinson being on the left, and then taking a rifle and a handgun to a Congressional charity baseball match and what happens? He tries to assassinate not politicians Sean, he tries to assassinate exclusively Republican politicians. We don't see this on the right. There's no equivalent of antifa. We don't have people creating violence and encouraging it on the right -- this is the Democrat Party. Hillary and everybody else.


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