Fox News Promotes “Bombshell” Book From Founder Of Anti-Hillary Clinton Group “C.U.N.T.” And Writer Who Wishes Clinton Dead

Fox News is promoting The Clintons' War On Women as a “bombshell” despite the authors' history of dirty tricks and misogyny. Roger Stone is “America's most notorious political hatchet man” who formed an anti-Hillary Clinton group called “C.U.N.T.” Co-author Robert Morrow has wished death on Hillary Clinton and been visited by the Secret Service, posted bizarre sexual writings about the Clinton family, and called Chelsea Clinton a “slut” who might “have sex one day” with Bill Clinton.

Roger Stone And Robert Morrow Wrote The Clintons' War On Women

Stone And Morrow Are Authors Of The Clintons' War On Women, A Book “Designed To Smear The Clintons.” Roger Stone and Robert Morrow are the authors of The Clintons' War On Women, which was released by Skyhorse Publishing on October 13. Veteran Mother Jones journalist David Corn noted that promotional material shows the book goes “real dirty” and is “apparently designed to smear the Clintons -- by depicting Bill as a serial rapist, Hillary as an enabler, and both members of the power couple as a diabolical duo bent on destroying anyone who stands in their way.” [, accessed 10/13/15Mother Jones9/18/15]

Roger Stone Is A Notorious Republican Dirty Trickster Who Has Smeared The Clintons For Years. Numerous media outlets have referred to Stone as a “dirty trickster.” He has a long history of smearing Hillary Clinton, including forming the anti-Clinton group “C.U.N.T.” (“Citizens United Not Timid”), because he couldn't find the right words for “B.I.T.C.H.” Stone previously worked as a top political aide to Donald Trump's presidential campaign before exiting in August. Stone says he and Trump are “on cordial terms. We talk ... Trump has been my friend for 35 years. He's still my friend.” [Media Matters6/5/14; Talking Points Memo, 9/2/15

Robert Morrow Is An “Alternative Historian” Who Has Posted Bizarre Sexual Writings About The Clintons And Wished Death On Hillary. Morrow has an extreme history against the Clintons. He has wished death on Hillary Clinton and been visited by the Secret Service; posted bizarre sexual writings about the Clinton family; called Chelsea Clinton a “slut” and imagined how she would “have sex one day” with Bill Clinton; and claimed the Bush and Clinton families were involved in murders. The Tampa Bay Times wrote that Morrow “pretty much devotes his life to hating the Clintons and spreading wild, unsubstantiated allegations about them.”

MSNBC reporter Alex Seitz-Wald wrote that Morrow is “well-known to reporters who have covered the Clintons, thanks to his tendency to flood their inboxes with incredible and incredulous fables of the couple's alleged criminal exploits,” while The Daily Beast's Andrew Kirell wrote that “Many political journalists can attest to having received a blaring email from the right-wing author claiming the Clintons forced Chelsea to undergo plastic surgery” to cover up that she's purportedly not Bill Clinton's real daughter. [Media Matters, 9/3/15; Tampa Bay Times, 2/29/08;, 9/3/15; The Daily Beast, 10/13/15]  

Trump Promoted Stone And Morrow's Book On Twitter. Trump wrote in an October 14 tweet that linked to the book's page: “The latest book on Hillary--Wow, a really tough one!  @RogerJStoneJr.” [, 10/14/15

Fox News On The Clintons' War On Women: “Bombshell,” “Needs To Be Read”

Hannity Endorses Stone And Morrow's Book: “This I Think Needs To Be Read By Anybody That Thinks Hillary Is A Champion Of Women's Rights.” During an October 13 interview on his Fox News program, Hannity said the “explosive new book completely destroys” the narrative that the Clintons are champions of women's rights. Hannity concluded that the book “needs to be read by anybody that thinks Hillary is a champion of women's rights.” [Fox News, Hannity10/13/15]  

Hannity: “It's Really Worth Reading.” Hannity hosted Stone for a later panel discussion about the Democratic presidential debate and introduced his book by stating: “I tell you, it's really worth reading. A lot of interesting information.” [Fox News, Hannity10/14/15

Hannity Also Hosted Stone On His Radio Show. [The Sean Hannity Show, 10/13/15]

Fox & Friends Promoted The Book As A “Bombshell.” During Fox & Friends Sunday, co-host Anna Kooiman promoted “the allegations” from Stone's “bombshell” book that Clinton has “a dark and violent past.” [Fox News, Fox & Friends Sunday10/4/15]

Fox & Friends Hosted Stone To Push The Allegation That Bill Clinton Sexually Assaulted “Hundreds Of Women ... And Hillary Runs The Cover-Up.” From the October 16 edition of Fox & Friends: 

STEVE DOOCY (HOST): A brand-new book taking aim at Hillary Clinton's hypocrisy targeting her war on women campaign, even highlighting how she and her husband, Bill Clinton, systematically abused women during their time in the White House. Joining us right now the author of The Clintons' War on Women, Roger Stone. Roger, good morning to you.

ROGER STONE: Steve, great to be with you. 

DOOCY: What do we find out about the Clintons in your book? 

STONE: Hypocrisy. “H” stands for both hypocrisy and Hillary. She says she's an advocate for women and that's true, as long as you're not one of those women unlucky enough to have been sexually assaulted by her husband.  It's very much like the Bill Cosby story. If it's sort of one or two women, you might say “well, it's some woman looking for a payday or the limelight.” But this is systematic. There are literally hundreds of women who have been sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton and Hillary runs the cover-up. 

DOOCY: What do you mean she runs the cover-up? 

STONE: Well, she hires Jack Palladino. She hires Anthony Pellicano. She hires Ivan Duda, private detectives and then they take on the mission of silencing these women, lest they get in the way of the Clintons' rise to power. [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 10/16/15]

Roger Stone's Latest Book Continues His History Of Dirty Tricks

Stone Is A “Dirty Trickster” And “America's Most Notorious Political Hatchet Man.” The Miami Herald wrote that “Stone has become America's most notorious political hatchet man.” Numerous outlets have referred to Stone as a “dirty trickster,” including The Weekly StandardNew YorkerTampa Bay TimesNew York Times, CNN, and Washington Post. [The Miami Herald,10/14/14Weekly Standard1/28/08New Yorker6/2/08;, 9/16/15New York Times10/22/10; CNN, 5/29/08Washington Post6/16/86]

Stone's Website Features Quotes Calling Him A “Master Of Right-Wing Political Hit Jobs,” “The High Priest Of Political Hijinks,” And “Master Of The Black Arts Of Electioneering.” The quotes featured on Stone's website come from, respectively, PoliticoWeekly Standard, and Politico notes that Stone “publicly embraces his image as a dirty trickster.” [, accessed 10/13/15Politico8/6/15]

Stone Became “The Youngest Watergate Dirty Trickster.” A 1985 New Republic profile of Stone reported:

He says he became a Republican at age 12, after a neighbor in Norwalk, Conn., gave him a copy of Barry Goldwater“s ”Conscience of a Conservative." Stone was devastated by Goldwater's defeat, but remained fully devoted to the party, rising through the ranks of youth groups like Teenage Republicans, College Republicans, Young Republicans, and the Young Americans for Freedom. As a 19-year-old student at George Washington University, Stone was the youngest Watergate dirty trickster. On orders from Creep boss Bart Porter, Stone hired Michael McMinoway -- known as “Sedan Chair II” -- to infiltrate the McGovern campaign and report back. Using the pseudonym “Jason Rainier,” Stone made contributions to the New Hampshire McCloskey campaign in the name of supposed left-wing groups like Young Socialist Alliance. He then sent the receipts along with an anonymous letter to The Manchester Union-Leader. He also recommended that Creep hire a fellow student named Theodore Brill, who was subsequently paid $130 a week to spy on “radical groups.” Stone says the ideas for this “kid stuff” -- none of which was actually illegal at the time -- emanated from Charles Colson, and that if he had refused to do it, Creep would have fired him and gotten someone else. [, 8/22/07]

Stone Was Heavily Fined For Ethical Violation. The New York Times reported in 2000 that Trump and his associates, including Stone, “have agreed to pay $250,000 in fines and to issue a public apology because they failed to disclose to the state lobbying commission that he had secretly financed newspaper advertisements opposing casino gambling in the Catskills.” Stone reportedly paid $100,000. [New York Times10/6/00]

“A Stone-Led Squad Of Pro-Bush Protestors Stormed The Miami-Dade County Election Board, Stopping The” Florida Recount. Benjy Sarlin wrote in The Daily Beast:

The capstone of Stone's career, at least in terms of results, was the “Brooks Brothers riot” of the 2000 election recount. This was when a Stone-led squad of pro-Bush protestors stormed the Miami-Dade County election board, stopping the recount and advancing then-Governor George W. Bush one step closer to the White House. Though he is quick to rebut GOP operatives who seek to minimize his role in the recount, Stone lately has been having second thoughts about what happened in Florida. [Daily Beast, 11/20/08]           

Stone Established Anti-Hillary Clinton Group Called “C.U.N.T.” In 2008, Stone established the anti-Hillary Clinton 527 group Citizens United Not Timid. The group -- now defunct -- emphasized the acronym by bolding the first letter in each word. The group claimed to “educate the American public about what Hillary Clinton really is.” Stone said also he spent “hours trying to come up with words for B.I.T.C.H. and just couldn't do it.” [Media Matters2/20/08Weekly Standard1/28/08]  

Stone Founded “C.U.N.T.” Because That's The Description He Heard Of Clinton From Males In Bars. The Weekly Standard wrote of Stone's group in 2008:

Even among fellow mercenaries, good help can be hard to find. A few nights prior, Stone had been interviewing a sinister Italian gentleman for the front man gig. It was a two-question interview. Stone kicked things off with, “Let me ask you, Angelo: I say 'Hillary Clinton.' Tell me the first word that comes to your mind, even if it's risqué.” "[Special flower]," Angelo immediately replied. To which Stone followed with, “Would you be willing to tell other people you think that?” Angelo assented: “Abso-f'in'-lutely.”

With the interview concluded, Angelo excused himself to the restroom, at which time one of Stone's friends asked, “Do you know who that is?” “No,” Stone said, “Who is he? Nice guy.” His friend explained, “He's one of the soldiers of the Lucchese family, has a record as long as your arm. I don't think he's the guy you want.” Advantage: Noodles.

Stone says Angelo's is a sentiment you regularly hear, particularly from males, if you casually focus-group Hillary Clinton in bars--where this and “all good ideas” are hatched. The operation's genesis occurred when Stone was standing around with friends at a bar, Clinton appeared on television, and someone said “What a [special flower].” Everyone immediately concurred. [Weekly Standard1/28/08]

Stone Referenced “C.U.N.T.” Group In 2015. [Facebook, 8/16/15]

Stone Lobs Misogynistic Insults At Women On Twitter. The Sun-Sentinel wrote of Stone:

Stone on Twitter called [political opponent Judy] Stern's daughter a “self-important, nasty c--,'' Tweeted ”DIE B-TCH!'' to former New York Times editor Jill Abramson, whom he called a “snot-nosed, arrogant, biased liberal -- and all around b-tch'' on Twitter for not reviewing his JFK book, and in another publicly viewable Tweet called actress Sofia Vergara a ”self-centered b-tch.'' [The Sun-Sentinel8/16/14]

Stone: “Hillary Is A Pathological Liar And A Cold Bitch.” [, 4/5/15]

Stone: "@ChelseaClinton Is A Total Bitch ? Now There's A Surprise." [, 5/20/15]

Stone: “SHAME ! Bill And Hillary Clinton Pimp Their 'Daughter' Out To Media To Defend Their Rampant Corruption.” [, 4/25/15]

Robert Morrow Wishes Death On Hillary Clinton, Posted Bizarre Sexual Writings About Clintons

Morrow Hopes For Hillary Clinton's Death. Morrow has written that “The Taliban was created to deal with people like Hillary Clinton”; wondered if “all your sexual fantasies about Hillary Clinton involve 'snuff films?' Probably not good for most of you to answer that question”; and said “I hope Bill Clinton talks Hillary into running in 2016 ... and she loses and or both of them die from medical complications of the campaign trail begging folks to vote for Hillary. That would be nice.” Morrow told a Florida newspaper in 2008 that the Secret Service visited him about his Clinton writings but nothing came of it. [Media Matters9/3/15]

Morrow Has Posted Bizarre Sexual Writings About Hillary Clinton. Morrow has posted bizarre sexual writings about Hillary Clinton, including referencing “my Hillary Clinton blow up doll,” “Clinton's vaginal odor,” when “maggots started coming out of her pussy,” and a “Hillary Clinton Excessive Masturbation Fantasy support group.” [Media Matters9/3/15]

Morrow On Chelsea Clinton: “Slut,” Incest, A Dog. Morrow relayed that someone told him “Chelsea was the slut” in college. Morrow has also compared her to a dog and wondered whether she would “have sex one day” with Bill Clinton. [Media Matters9/3/15]

Morrow Approached Chelsea Clinton And Asked Her: “Has Your Mother Ever Told You That You're The Daughter Of Webb Hubbell And Not Bill Clinton?” [, 10/9/15

Morrow Has Posted Outlandish Conspiracies About A Variety Of Topics. Morrow has claimed George H. W. Bush “murdered JFK” and “is a homosexual pedophile”; wrote President “Obama smoked crack with and had a blowjob” with his “gay lover”; and claimed “Jeb Bush murdered Barry Seal. He was a 1980's CIA drug smuggler.” [Media Matters9/3/15]

Morrow Posted Slurs In Online Rants. Morrow has written against “pro-faggot JUDICIAL ACTIVISM” and used the slur “nigger” when complaining about political correctness. [Media Matters, 9/3/15]

Morrow On Media Matters' Piece About Him: “Everything I Talk About Is True.” Morrow posted a link to a September 3 Media Matters post about him and wrote, “The greatest tweets and Facebook posts of Robert Morrow. Please share and comment!” When someone asked him for a response to Media Matters' criticism, Morrow wrote: “My response? Everything I talk about is true.” [Facebook, 9/3/15]

Morrow To Media Matters President: “Go Fuck Yourself” For Covering For “Angry Bull Dyke Handler Hillary.” After Media Matters president Bradley Beychok criticized him on Twitter, Morrow responded: “go fuck yourself. You cover for a serial rapist and his angry bull dyke handler Hillary.” [, 9/18/15

Stone Defends Morrow: “Morrow Is An Extraordinary Researcher.” Stone has defended his co-author when asked about his background. MSNBC's Alex Seitz-Wald reported:

Stone said he met Morrow while promoting his first book, which alleges that former President Lyndon Johnson killed former President John F. Kennedy. “Morrow is an extraordinary researcher,” Stone said.

Stone added, “He's absolutely an eccentric character, to say the least, but when you double-check his research, it checks out.” [, 9/3/15]

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