Fox News portrays NRA's Dana Loesch as the victim after she was confronted by Parkland survivors

Loesch: “They Cersei Lannister chanted me, ”shame" as I walked out"

From the February 22 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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DANA LOESCH: There were over 7,000 people that were in this arena, Sean. And when we entered you kind of entered like you were Floyd  Mayweather going into the ring. I mean literally you came in from part of the arena and walked through between all these people. And you got up on stage. It was pretty chaotic. It started even before I got up on stage to talk. And I, the whole reason why I showed up there is because the NRA is made up of over 5 million members who are also parents. 


LOESCH: You’re one of them, and you’re a parent and we didn’t do anything wrong.



What other names were you called while you were on that stage?

LOESCH: I was called a “See you next Tuesday”, they said burn her, murderer, I heard a lot of murderers. And then they Cersei Lannister chanted me shame as I walked out. And I did not, I looked at every person

HANNITY: They wanted Jerry Springer.


LOESCH: People tried to rush the stage. There was a woman who rushed the stage.

HANNITY: That’s scary.

LOESCH: And at one point Jake Tapper said, turned and looked at me and said, “do you have an escort? You need to get out of here right now. You have got to get out of here right now.”

HANNITY: That’s scary.

LOESCH: And if I did not have a three person detail with me, I would not have gotten out of the arena.  And that is not an exaggeration.


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