Fox News finds another cause: Promoting Rep. Bachmann's health care protest

In recent days, following its pattern of advocacy, Fox News has repeatedly promoted Rep. Michele Bachmann's (R-MN) upcoming anti-health care reform protest, to be held on Capitol Hill and in the halls of Congress. Fox News has previously promoted numerous other rallies such as the April 15 tea party protests, health care town hall protests, and the 9-12 march on Washington.

Fox & Friends hosted Bachmann, promoted protest details

Carlson: “They can go to; we'll link it to your website.” During the November 3 edition of Fox & Friends, co-host Gretchen Carlson hosted Bachmann to talk about the protest, gave details of the protest to viewers, and urged viewers to access the program's website for more information on the protest.

Fox Nation promoted Bachmann protest

On its front page, accessed on November 3, Fox Nation promoted the protest, writing: “Bachmann Urges Confronting Lawmakers on Capitol Hill.”

Fox Nation included links of Bachmann promoting the protest on Fox News host Glenn Beck's radio program, and video of Bachmann on Fox & Friends.

Hannity promoted protest: “Maybe I'll have to show up and observe ... democracy in action”

On October 30, Bachmann and Sean Hannity promoted the D.C. protest. Bachmann said the protest is “Thursday at noon,” adding, “You can go to for more information and we can walk together through Cannon, Longworth, Rayburn, walk through the capital, sit in the gallery.” Hannity replied: “Maybe I'll have to show up and observe this so our cameras can see democracy in action.”

From the October 30 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

BACHMANN: Sean, they are clearly on the fence. That's why this is such an exciting opportunity for us. Like our -- your good friend, Dr. Mark Levin, has said, this is our liberty and tyranny moment. This is it.


BACHMANN: This is about patriotism and manning up. And if we can get Americans, literally by the busload, to come to Washington, D.C., next week, look their member of Congress in the eye, pay a house call on Congress and say, “Don't you dare take away my health care,” cradle to grave.

HANNITY: You know, you're --

BACHMANN: We'll stop this.

HANNITY: So you're organizing and asking people to come meet you on the steps of the Capitol on Thursday --


HANNITY: -- and you are asking them --

BACHMANN: At high noon.

HANNITY: -- to walk through the halls of Congress and try and voice your opinion. And so, if people want to participate, they're going to be there Thursday at noon.

BACHMANN: Thursday at noon. You can go to for more information.

HANNITY: All right.

BACHMANN: And we can walk together through Cannon, Longworth, Rayburn, walk through the Capitol, sit in the gallery --

HANNITY: Maybe I'll have to show up and observe this so our cameras can see democracy in action. But, Congresswoman, we're going to continue to follow it.

BACHMANN: Thank you.

HANNITY: It will reshape America into a very different country. Thank you for being with us. Thanks for your admonition and warning.

BACHMANN: Thank you, Sean.

Think Progress: “Conservatives Rally Behind Bachmann's Call For Anti-Health Care Reform Protest In DC”

Conservatives join Bachmann's protest call. As Think Progress noted, Bachmann has enlisted conservatives such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and the Republican House leadership in promoting and endorsing her Thursday protest.

On his November 2 radio show, Beck stated:

BECK: Michele, God bless you. We'll get the word out and let's have you on a little bit later on this week and we'll continue to have you make the pitch for people going to Washington, D.C., noon this Thursday, and look them in the whites of their eyes.

The event will feature actor Jon Voight and serial health care misinformer Betsy McCaughey.

Fox News follows pattern of conservative protest promotions

Fox News promoted April 15 tea parties. In the lead-up to the April 15 tea parties, which the channel repeatedly described as “FNC Tax Day Tea Parties,” Fox News frequently aired segments publicizing and encouraging viewers to get involved with the protests. A Media Matters for America study found that from April 6 to 13, Fox News featured at least 20 segments on the “tea party” protests. A subsequent Media Matters study found that from April 6 to 15, Fox News aired at least 107 commercial promotions for its coverage of the April 15 tea parties.

Fox News promoted health care disruptions. Fox News promoted disruptions of Democratic town hall events by protesters opposed to health care reform -- protests that are being touted by Republican leaders and supported by conservative groups. Following the August 2 disruption of a town hall event hosted by Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Fox News personalities repeatedly lauded such protesters and urged viewers to take similar action.

Fox News promoted 9-12 protests. In the lead-up to the 9-12 protest, Beck's website worked with others organizing the September 12 “March on Washington” and he repeatedly encouraged viewers to attend the protest. Fox News also heavily promoted the Tea Party Express tour -- the final stop of which was the 9-12 protest -- on Fox News, Fox Business, the Fox Nation, and