Fox Kicks Off Clinton Announcement Weekend With Discredited Ed Klein

Ed Klein's Anti-Clinton Books Have A “Tenuous Relationship With Reality”

Fox News hosted discredited conspiracy theorist and widely criticized author Ed Klein to kick off the weekend that Hillary Clinton reportedly will announce her candidacy for president.

Numerous reports announced during the day on April 10 that Clinton will officially launch her campaign on Sunday, April 12. Fox News kicked off the announcement by hosting Edward Klein on the April 10 edition of Fox News' Hannity

Hannity responded to reports that Clinton is set to announce a presidential campaign by hyping Klein's roundly criticized, imaginary Obama-Clinton feud, stating, “the Obamas and the Clintons, as you have chronicled, they hate each other.” Klein used this appearance to push his conspiracy theory that White House adviser Valerie Jarrett leaked the Hillary Clinton email story to the media.

Klein has written multiple books attempting to smear the Clintons, and his sensationally shoddy efforts have severely damaged his reputation, even among conservatives.

Klein's The Truth About Hillary was widely mocked; it claimed based on anonymous sources that Chelsea Clinton was conceived when Bill Clinton raped his wife, and floated the “rumor” that Hillary Clinton may be a lesbian.

Klein's most recent “Anti-Clinton fan fiction,” Blood Feud, was so ridiculous it made Megyn Kelly laugh on air, and even Rush Limbaugh and Fox's Brian Kilmeade raised questions about its sourcing.

As The Washington Post's Jaime Fuller has noted, a “defining characteristic of Klein's biographies ... is that the salacious details revealed often have a tenuous relationship with reality -- as commentators of all ideological stripes have pointed out time and time again.”