On Fox, “Hate Group” Leader Pam Geller Says Obama “Switched Sides” In War On Terror

Sean Hannity invited anti-Muslim “hate group” leader Pam Geller onto his Fox News show to analyze current events again, and Geller used the opportunity to accuse President Obama of being in league with terrorists.

On the May 7 edition of his show, Hannity led a discussion of a Washington Post report that the U.S. has been releasing prisoners in Afghanistan “as part of negotiations with insurgent groups.” During the discussion, Geller said that Obama “has basically declared the war on terror over.” Hannity interjected, “Two weeks ago.” (This accusation is presumably based on the overhyping of a single quote from an anonymous State Department official.)

Geller continued, “Two weeks ago. And frankly, he's not just declared it over, he's switched sides. The very idea that we've been releasing jihadists for years is not an act of appeasement, it's an act of surrender.”


It is inexplicable that Hannity continues to give a platform to a person designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as the leader of a “hate group.” She is devoid of credibility.

By contrast, during the very next hour on Fox News, Greta Van Susteren hosted someone with a relevant background to comment on the Washington Post report -- Fox News military analyst Robert Scales.

Scales said the releases are “done by command authority” and are “not something that's just capricious.” He said that “every once in a while, it's the appropriate thing to do”: