Fox Guest Rudy Giuliani Blames “Ambiguous Situations” With Police On “Huge Amount Of Crime That Goes On In Black Communities”

Giuliani: You Can Either Put More Police In Their Community Like I Did Or “You Can Just Let Them Kill Themselves”

From the September 21 editon of Fox News' Hannity:

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RUDY GIULIANI: I ran a city in which 2,200 people were being killed, 75 percent of whom were black. And I had today put more police officers in black communities in order to save black lives. That resulted in many more confrontations between blacks and police. The police didn’t want to be there.

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): By the way, Mr. Mayor, excuse me one second. We have to --

GIULIANI: The reason, the reason there are more confrontations between police and blacks in these inner cities is because for example, in New York City, 70 to 75 percent of the murders are committed by blacks on other blacks. And the police are there, at 75 percent, because they are trying to protect the lives of innocent black people. So that causes more confrontations with black people. And it causes more ambiguous situations and every once in awhile it causes unjustified shooting or incident and when it happened -- I’ve put in my lifetime 70 police officers in jail. I have no problem putting a police officer in prison when he commits a crime, but I have a problem with the false narrative that the president, the two attorney generals --

HANNITY: But, Mr. Mayor, it is --

GIULIANI: -- and Geraldo [Rivera] is giving tonight. The problem here is the huge amount of crime that goes on in black communities. Now, you have another choice. You can just let them kill themselves and ignore it, which is what New York City did for 30 years until I became mayor. They just parceled out police based on some kind of stupid formula that had nothing to do with the amount of crime, and had I done the same thing there’d be 7,000 or 8,000 more dead African-Americans today. 


HANNITY: How dangerous is it that the president and Hillary Clinton have embraced -- and they have embraced -- the Black Lives Matter movement?

GIULIANI: It is the reason you are seeing this and you did not see this when I was mayor. You didn't see this when George Bush was president. It is because President Obama, Attorney General [Eric] Holder, the present attorney general, Secretary of  -- Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and others have given some credibility to what is a completely false narrative. Of course there are occasionally unjustified police shootings. And when they happen, those police officers should go to jail like the ones I put in jail for 25, 30 or 35 years. But the massive problem is the enormous amount of crime that goes on the inner cities. You need to put the police there to save the lives of the innocent people, otherwise you just going to let them all kill themselves, which would be terrible. It would be inhumane, indecent.


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