Fox GOTV day three: Fox continues its week of relentless campaigning for Republicans

Fox continued its week of relentless campaigning for Republicans by hosting six more GOP candidates while hosting just one Democratic candidate as well independent Charlie Crist and DNC chair Tim Kaine. Fox has spent the week before the election almost exclusively hosting Republican candidates.

Fox hosts six more GOP candidates

Hemmer to Paladino: “You started your campaign as a guy -- you were mad as hell.” On the October 28 edition of America's Newsroom, co-host Bill Hemmer opened an interview with New York GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino by stating: “You started your campaign as a guy -- you were mad as hell, and that's what all your yard signs said. And people are like, 'Yeah, I'm mad as hell, too, Carl'.” Later, Hemmer noted that Paladino is trailing Democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo and asked, “How do you turn this around?”

Hannity hosted O'Donnell to attack Coons. On the October 28 edition of his show, Sean Hannity hosted Delaware GOP senatorial candidate Christine O'Donnell and allowed her to attack her opponent, Chris Coons, and repeat her campaign talking points. At the beginning of the interview, Hannity stated: “We've also offered her Democratic challenger, Chris Coons, an opportunity to appear on the show. Shock -- he's not responded to our interview request.”

Hannity hosted NY congressional candidate during “Great American Panel.” Later on his October 28 show, New York GOP congressional candidate Michael Grimm appeared as a part of Hannity's “Great American Panel.” Discussing President Obama's appearance on The Daily Show, Grimm attacked Obama, saying that “the hope and change that we all expected didn't go the way he planned.”

Van Susteren promoted Brewer campaign ad. On the October 28 edition of On the Record, Greta Van Susteren hosted Arizona Republican Gov. Jan Brewer, who is running for re-election, to discuss a recent federal appeals court decision to overturn an Arizona law. The law required residents to show proof of citizenship when registering to vote. At the end of the interview, Van Susteren promoted a Brewer campaign ad. Van Susteren directed viewers to watch Brewer's ad, which she posted on her website,

Carlson hosts Toomey, asks how he will get voters to “change their mind” to vote for him. On the October 29 edition of Fox & Friends, co-host Gretchen Carlson opened a segment on the Pennsylvania Senate race by stating that a Real Clear Politics average of polls shows Republican nominee Pat Toomey “up by just over four points,” and continued, “But his challenger maintains that [Toomey] is an extremist.” After playing a clip from the previous night's debate, Carlson hosted Toomey and allowed him to discuss why he thinks his opponent, Rep. Joe Sestak, is extreme. At the end of the interview, Carlson said to Toomey: “The interesting thing is, one-fifth of the voters in Pennsylvania -- still undecided. What do you need to say to them to change their mind to you?” Carlson stated at the beginning of the segment, “We invited Democrat Joe Sestak on, but he declined to appear in this interview.”

Rubio to Doocy: “Thank you for the opportunity to ask [voters] to vote for me.” Later during the show, Fox & Friends hosted Florida Republican senatorial candidate Marco Rubio. Co-host Steve Doocy asked Rubio to comment on rumors that President Clinton asked Democratic candidate Kendrick Meek to drop out of the race. Rubio responded by saying, “If we ever needed a reminder of everything that's wrong with politics and Washington, this story is a great reminder of that,” calling the alleged conversations about Meek dropping out “a backroom deal.” Later in the segment, Doocy asked, “Marco, are you going to win on Tuesday?” Rubio replied: “Well, that's up to the voters. That's why I'm on your program. I'm asking that -- thank you for the opportunity to ask them to vote for me.”

By contrast, Fox hosted one Democratic official, one Democratic candidate, and one independent candidate

Baier hosted Kaine in first of two-part “Closing Argument” series. In the first of a two-part “Closing Argument” series on the October 28 edition of Special Report, host Bret Baier aired a pre-recorded interview with Democratic National Committee chairman Tim Kaine. During the interview, Kaine stated that “I want to make sure we hold on to both houses” of Congress and said, “We've got a great shot in the Senate.” Baier stated that he would air an interview with Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele during the October 29 edition of Special Report.

Van Susteren hosted Crist to discuss reports that Democratic candidate was asked to drop out of race. On the October 28 edition of On the Record, Van Susteren hosted Crist to discuss reports that Meek was asked to drop out of the Senate race in order to give Crist a better chance to win. Crist claimed that Meek agreed to leave the race at the behest of President Clinton.

Fox & Friends hosted Meek to discuss rumors of deal to drop out of race. On October 29, Fox & Friends hosted Meek to discuss the reports that he was asked to drop out of the Senate race. Meek repeatedly denied that Clinton had asked him to drop out and told the co-hosts:

MEEK: He didn't ask me to drop out of the race. He came here to Orlando and St. Petersburg to hold two very large rallies for me. He heard reports last week of some rumor about me dropping out of the race. I told him I'm not dropping out of the race...The bottom line is, is that President Clinton did say that we had a conversation. He didn't ask me to get out. I didn't tell him I was gonna get out. We were just talking about the race in general.

Carlson and Doocy challenged his claim. Carlson noted that several reports say Clinton's spokesperson told reporters one of the former President's aides, Doug Band, served as an intermediary between Crist and Meek and urged Meek to drop out. Doocy said, “So Mr. Meek, what you're saying is, you did have a conversation with Bill Clinton about dropping out...But he did not say, 'You gotta get out.' Is that what happened?” Meek responded, “We were at the rally...this issue came up, we talked about it....President Clinton did not ask me, I did not tell him that I was going to get out of the race. I am on this show this morning to set the record straight.”

Fox has previously hosted numerous GOP candidates and officials throughout the week

MacCallum gives Whitman an opportunity to “do-over” her unpopular answer to a debate question about ceasing negative ads. On the October 27 edition of America's Newsroom, co-host Martha MacCallum discussed an October 26 California gubernatorial forum during which moderator Matt Lauer asked if candidates Meg Whitman (R) and Jerry Brown (D) would agree to stop airing negative ads. MacCallum then hosted Whitman and asked, “Did you think that was a fair question from Matt Lauer last night? Was it fair that he put you both on the spot in that way?” Whitman later stated, “I would've liked nothing better than to run an entirely positive campaign on the issues,” and then attacked Brown. MacCallum later said to Whitman, “I'm going to give you a do-over right now. You know -- how do you wish you answered that question last night if you would change it?”

Kelly hosts Angle campaign attorney to advance baseless accusation that Reid “intends to steal” NV Senate election. On the October 27 edition of America Live, Megyn Kelly hosted Cleta Mitchell, the campaign attorney for Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle, to discuss her baseless claim that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid “intends to steal this election.” During the segment, Mitchell stated: “We follow the law -- try to follow the law scrupulously, and we're always held to a higher standard. We get punished when we get even close to line; the Democrats skate very close to the line” and don't get punished." As Media Matters has noted, Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller noted that offering free food to voters “irrespective of how and for whom they voted” does not violate state law and is a commonly employed tactic.

Hannity hosts “real Republican” John Raese. Hannity hosted West Virginia senatorial candidate John Raese on the October 27 edition of his Fox News show, referring to Raese as a “real Republican” and asserting that Raese's opponent, Gov. Joe Manchin, is “running as far away from being a Democrat and Barack Obama and Harry Reid of anybody else out there.” Hannity noted during the interview that “we have also offered Governor Manchin an opportunity to appear on the show, and he as not yet responded to our interview request.”

Van Susteren hosted Whitman for eight minutes to talk about her campaign, discuss Allred “ambushing” her. On the October 27 edition of On the Record, Van Susteren led her show with an interview of Whitman. Whitman encouraged Van Susteren to “call me Meg,” and Van Susteren let Whitman advocate her positions with few interruptions for over eight minutes. Van Susteren also introduced a question about Whitman's former housekeeper Nikki Diaz by saying that Diaz's lawyer, Gloria Allred, was “ambushing” Whitman. During the interview, Van Susteren stated that Whitman's opponent, Jerry Brown, is welcome on her show “at anytime” but has so far “refused” to appear.

Fox kicked off the week by hosting nine GOP candidates and officials Fox & Friends interviews Steele in his “Fire Pelosi” bus. On the October 26 edition of Fox & Friends, Carlson interviewed Steele inside the RNC's tour bus, which featured the slogan, “Need a Job? Fire Pelosi!” Carlson allowed Steele to push GOP talking points, such as claiming that "[if] you want a job, then you're going to have to fire [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi, because she's the one who's blocking your ability to get that job."

America's Newsroom hosts Rand Paul to discuss reports of assaulted member. On the October 26 edition of America's Newsroom, MacCallum hosted Republican Kentucky senatorial candidate Rand Paul to discuss reports that a member was assaulted by Paul supporters outside a debate. After addressing the incident, Paul promoted his policies, including his support for cutting the Department of Education. At the end of the interview, MacCallum claimed they had also invited Paul's opponent, Jack Conway, and were awaiting a response.

Your World hosts Rick Scott to attack his opponent and tout his candidacy. The October 26 edition of Your World featured both Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott and Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX). Cavuto allowed Scott to attack his opponent, Alex Sink, for allegedly receiving a text message during a recent debate, which violated the rules of the debate. At both the beginning and end of the segment, Cavuto claimed that he had invited Sink on the show, with no response.

Beck hosts Bachmann, DeMint, and Chaffetz at the same time, asks them, “What kind of help do you need?” On the October 26 edition of Glenn Beck, Beck hosted Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), and Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC). Beck began the show by calling them “good representatives in Washington that are -- that are standing there in a lion's den every day” and “good guys that need your help.” Beck asked DeMint: “What kind of help do you need? What should we as citizens be looking for in a candidate?” In response, DeMint claimed that anyone who votes Democratic in the upcoming election is “just not thinking.” Later, Bachmann plugged her Facebook page.

Hannity hosts Steele to attack Democrats, Obama, and to give Hannity some RNC paraphernalia. On the October 26 edition his show, Hannity hosted Steele. After Hannity claimed Obama “said Republicans can go to the back of the bus,” Steele called him “not very presidential” and “tone deaf.” Steele gave Hannity a “Fire Pelosi” baseball cap and miniature football, “because I know you've been talking to me” about it.

Hannity hosts Rep. Frank's opponent Bielat to fundraise for his campaign. Later on Hannity, Hannity hosted Rep. Barney Frank's opponent, Sean Bielat, claiming Frank was “facing the toughest re-election race of his political career.” After playing a clip of Frank saying “the right-wing media, talk show hosts decided to target me. I've had Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, basically saying things about me that weren't true,” Hannity said “nice try, Congressman, but I think the reason you are in the toughest race of your career has nothing to do with me or any other talk show host and everything to do with our next guest, Republican Massachusetts congressional candidate Sean Bielat.” Bielat used his appearance to fundraise, promoting his “money bomb” and mentioning the website where viewers could donate.

Hannity includes California congressional candidate Nick Popaditch in his “Great American Panel.” Later on Hannity, during the “Great American Panel,” Hannity hosted Republican candidate Nick Popaditch, who is running for California's 51st District. During the segment, Popaditch attacked President Obama, claiming he “is in trouble” because he's “campaigning, so he's out there only representing some of the people, and a pretty extreme some.”

Fox also hosted Kaine, a Democratic official, one other time

Fox & Friends hosted Kaine. On the October 27 edition of Fox & Friends, Carlson hosted Kaine to discuss whether “Blue Dog Democrats” are going to “take the hit” in the midterm elections. Carlson claimed that “one of the things the voters are upset about with many of the Blue Dogs and Democrats in general was that they voted for health care” and asked Kaine if Gov. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is “trying to take a step away from health care because he really wants to be elected the senator of West Virginia?” Carlson also asked Kaine about a quote from Frank Caprio, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Rhode Island, who said Obama could “take his endorsement and really shove it” after Obama declined to endorse a candidate in the race.