Fox Demands Obama Speak About Christopher Lane's Death Days After He Did So

On August 26, Fox News hosts repeatedly demanded that the Obama administration make a statement about the shooting of Christopher Lane, an Australian student attending college in Oklahoma, ignoring the fact that days earlier Obama had offered words of comfort to the student's family.

America's Newsroom co-host Martha MacCallum falsely claimed that Obama “so far has been silent” on the alleged murder of Lane and noted that, since Obama previously “put himself into the middle of these situations” by speaking on the shooting of Trayvon Martin, “it raises the question of why he would not, you know, comfort this family, why he would not reach out and make a comment.”

Later, on Fox News' Hannity, host Sean Hannity again falsely accused Obama of promoting a “double standard” for being “quick to respond” to Martin's death but failing to speak out about Lane's shooting in the 10 days since the alleged murder had occurred.

But Obama reached out to Lane's family days before either MacCallum or Hannity's criticisms. On August 24, the Australian newspaper Herald Sun reported that Obama, through White House spokesman Matt Lehrich, had released a statement offering his condolences:  

As news of the random shooting death continued to make headlines in the US, the President took time out from a tour selling his college reforms to make a statement about the tragedy.

He said through White House spokesman Matt Lehrich that Lane's family and friends were going through trying times.

“As the President has expressed on too many tragic occasions, there is an extra measure of evil in an act of violence that cuts a young life short. The President and First Lady's thoughts and prayers are with Chris Lane's family and friends in these trying times,” Mr Lehrich said in a statement to the Sunday Herald Sun.

A spokesman for Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin said that "[t]he governor thinks the president did the right thing by reaching out to the Lane family and the people of Australia." Obama's words followed an August 22 tribute to “honor the strength and bravery of Chris' family as they deal with this unspeakable tragedy” from the U.S. Ambassador to Australia Jeffrey Bleich, who stated:  

Like everyone else, we are struggling to understand how anybody could commit such a terrible and random act of violence. I've personally pledged to Chris' family our help in bringing Chris home as soon as possible, and to provide them with all the support within our power. We thank local law enforcement authorities in Oklahoma for their quick work and their efforts to bring those responsible to justice.

Fox News has previously attempted to frame Lane as a white equivalent to Trayvon Martin, using the incident in its ongoing campaign to hype “race-related crime” -- even after local District Attorney Jason Hicks told Fox that there was no evidence of racial motivations in the case.