Fox contributor Tammy Bruce says Democrats have “revictimized” Christine Blasey Ford

From the September 19 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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TAMMY BRUCE: So this argument that she is being bullied and into this rush of a hearing is absurd. And I would posit that, in fact, she has been misled, that Dr. Ford in fact, perhaps, not in charge of any of this at all. 

I think she was likely promised something, that she wouldn't have to testify. I think Dianne Feinstein thought the accusation alone would knock this nomination off of its seat, and that's what they expected. And she is finding, the doctor is finding and we're all finding, that they were wrong.

And now, you what they are doing? They are infantilizing her, and they are revictimizing her by saying she's emotionally not prepared, she's being bullied, she can't do it, she's afraid. 

Repeated comments about attempted rape, an assault. This woman, now, after dealing with this and creating a very strong life, top of her field, a family, a strong woman is now is being revictimized by this entire framework of rhetoric and we should all be upset by that, and certainly offended at the least.


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