Fox Contributor: Pope Francis “Needs To Ask Donald Trump's Forgiveness” For Implying Trump Is Not A Christian

Robert Jeffress: Pope Francis Has “Succeeded” With His Remark In “Creating A Martyr In Donald Trump”

From the February 18 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Reverend Falwell, there was a point where there was a priest, and by the way in fairness, Father Morris stuck his neck out for me, and one time that I said that I thought people that are not Catholics should use birth control, I prefer that over abortion. There was a priest who publicly on my TV show said that he would not give me the Eucharist if I went to his church. And then I said, “Well I guess I'll have to join Thomas Road Baptist Church” and your father in typical style said I'm welcome anytime I want. I personally believe Christianity is about sinners seeking reconciliation with God and for anybody to declare whether a person is a Christian or not a Christian, nobody reads people's hearts. that's for God to judge, isn't it?


ROBERT JEFFRESS: Sean, I think the Pope needs to ask Donald Trump's forgiveness for making such an outlandish statement. I want to remind our listeners that it was exactly one year ago this week that 21 Coptic Christians' had their heads chopped off by ISIS on a Libyan beach and then ISIS said, “we are coming to Rome next.” The Pope ought to think through that very seriously. And the fact that we have a candidate like Donald Trump who wants to protect America, that's not unbiblical. The Pope is confused between the role of the Church, which is to show compassion, and the role of government, which is to uphold order and to protect its citizens. And I want to make a prediction. I think the Pope has succeeded in doing what no other man on Earth could do, and that is creating a martyr in Donald Trump.