Fox Contributor On Mosque Surveillance: “Let's Stop Worrying About People's Rights”

Fox News' Bo Dietl: We Spoiled “So Many Plots By Eavesdropping On These Radical Mosques”

From the November 16 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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BO DIETL: When you see what we saw Friday night -- I was on Charles' show and Charles said Bo what would you do? You know I said right away, you've got to go in right away and save whatever hostages you can because they are -- one thing, there's no negotiating -- they're willing to die. We're dealing with crazy people that want to die. You've got to take head shots and take them out.  

SEAN HANNITY: Our FBI, our national intelligence, they're all warning us, why our president won't listen -- they will infiltrate that community, and they'll come to -- well, they're here already.


HANNITY: They want to kill us.

DIETL: We broke so many, so many plots by eavesdropping on these radical mosques. We've got to do it again. And let's stop worrying about people's rights.