Fox Contributor: Democratic Endorsement Of Black Lives Matter Is “Plantation Politics,” “Whoring For Votes”

David Clarke: Black Lives Matter Is “An Ideology Of Victimhood With A List Of Grievances That Do Not Exist”

From the October 14 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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DAVID CLARKE: Sean, it was a pathetic display. It was plantation politics in its finest hour. The continued enslavement of black people emotionally by the Democrat Party [sic] with this destructive liberal ideology. And they know it. They're whoring for votes. They know that's what they're doing. The liberal ideology has been very destructive for the black community for the last 50 or 60 years. Poverty is now generational, it's a lifestyle. The unemployment is obscene. They have to send their kids to failing public schools, drug and alcohol addiction, neighborhoods that are crumbling all under Democrat control. They need to get off their knees and stop this stuff and take a real message to the American people, and especially the black community, that what they have done, they deserve an apology for from the Democrat Party [sic].


JUAN WILLIAMS: There is a real issue of excessive use of police force in the country.

CLARKE: No there isn't.

WILLIAMS: Black Lives Matter has come in response to that issue.

CLARKE: No there isn't.


CLARKE: There's an ideology of victimhood with a list of grievances that do not exist.


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