Fox anchor falsely claims Sean Hannity called for Roy Moore to step down after sexual assault reports

Hannity: Moore is “suffering the same treatment other Republicans have had to endure”

From the November 16 edition of Fox News' Happening Now

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JULIE BANDERAS (CO-HOST): I'm glad you brought that up as well because Sean Hannity got a lot of grief for sympathizing with this guy when in fact his questions were very tough. And he in fact gave Roy Moore 24 hours to come up with credible information after it turned out that he had claimed he didn't know this girl then his signature was seen in the yearbook. So to come up with some sort of explanation. He hasn't. And now he's being called upon by Sean Hannity. Many conservatives in the media. 


BANDERAS: Sean Hannity calls for Roy Moore to step down. I call for anyone who's ever sexually harassed anyone who's in politics or entertainment or in a public figure, just come out now. Release all your pictures and just get your dirty laundry out.


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