Fox analyst dismisses that millions would die in nuclear strike because “they'll be mostly North Koreans”

Thomas McInerney: “Mostly North Koreans” will die, “look how many weapons we dropped on Japan, then we were in there weeks later”

From the August 10 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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THOMAS MCINERNEY: Declare any missile launches from North Korea have to be -- we say are hostile, because of what Kim Jong Un said about attacking Guam, and we will hit them as a target before they get airborne. He must make sure that we will no longer tolerate that he launch any more missiles, because of his declaration to hit Guam, and we don't know where they're going to go until they've been in the air for a while.

So, we have no choice, and by the way, if one -- if one artillery round comes out of North Korea onto Seoul, he gets our full nuclear retaliatory capability. Make sure he understands that. That artillery is no longer valid, because when we retaliate, we're going to retaliate with nuclear weapons.

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Well, when I say no good option -- and I want to get to General Patterson in a second -- when I say no good option, if we have to strike, even if we have a coalition of the willing -- if we have to strike, we're going to incinerate that place.

The nuclear fallout, correct me if I'm wrong, even if we use, you know buster -- bunker bombs, and other technologies, is -- the fallout potential is dramatic. I mean, potentially -- am I right, or overstating the fact that millions could potentially die here?

MCINERNEY: Yeah, but they'll be mostly North Koreans.

HANNITY: What about South Koreans? What about the Japanese? What about nuclear fallout making its way to China?

MCINERNEY: You can contain that.

HANNITY: How do you contain nuclear fallout, though? How do you do that?

MCINERNEY: Well, you contain it with airbursts and the size of the weapons. Look how many weapons we dropped on Japan, then we were in there weeks later.


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