Florida AG candidate's pitch to voters: I'm friends with Fox News

A candidate running in today's Republican primary for Florida attorney general is trying to win over voters by touting her connections to Fox News.

The Palm Beach Post reports that attorney Pam Bondi's “frequent appearances on FOXNews over the past decade have turned her into a quasi-celebrity among the conservative faithful and translated into friendships with Sean Hannity, the mere mention of whose name elicits applause from conservative voters on her bus tour, and other FOX favorites. Bondi this week joined Hannity on his 'Freedom Tour' in Orlando and New York, she boasted to crowds in Lake City and Ocala.”

The Post added: “Bondi's not shy about dropping the names of her FOX friends. She touts her connections with Hannity and [Sarah] Palin's endorsement at each of her stump speeches and in Ocala delighted the audience with her praise of the network." (Watch video of Bondi discussing Fox.)

Bondi's official Facebook page contains numerous mentions of Fox News, including posts documenting her appearance on Geraldo at Large; highlighting the Post article about her Fox News connections; and thanking Hannity for mentioning her.

Since officially announcing her candidacy, Bondi appeared on the April 13, May 14, July 1, and August 17 editions of Hannity's Fox News program, and during one show was introduced as “our friend.”

Greta Van Susteren also appears to be taking some pride in Bondi's run. In a December 1, 2009, blog post, Van Susteren reposted a press release announcing Bondi's candidacy, and wrote: “Look what Pam Bondi is doing! Check out this (below!) Pam Bondi, who has appeared on our ON THE RECORD at 10pm legal panel many times is running for Florida Attorney General.” Greta also mentioned Bondi on her show that night (from Nexis):

VAN SUSTEREN: You know her. She's an assistant state attorney, a well known Florida prosecutor and now she is running for office. Who are we talking about? Pam Bondi -- she wants to be Florida's next attorney general.

Now everyone who watches ON THE RECORD knows Bondi. She has been a member of our legal panel many, many times. Bondi is running for the Republican nomination and has two opponents in the GOP primary in Florida. We will, of course, be watching this race very carefully.

Van Susteren wrote another post about Bondi on August 19, with the headline, 'OTR at 10pm Legal Panel member running for office!" The post embedded a video of Bondi, along with videos of her two primary opponents. Van Susteren mentioned Bondi and Palin's endorsement on her program the previous night:

VAN SUSTEREN: Seven women running for office just a big endorsement from former governor Sarah Palin. One of the women has appeared many times here on our legal panel and is in a heated Republican primary for Florida attorney general. Recognize her? That is Pam Bondi.

On her Facebook page Governor Palin called Bondi her a “bold, sharp, and selfless woman who will respect our constitution and push back against overreach of the federal government.” In a statement, Bondi said in part “I'm honored to receive the endorsement of Sarah Palin, one of the most respected conservative women in our nation."

Bondi's primary is this Tuesday. We'll see how the election goes.

Earlier this year, Fox News contributor Angela McGlowan attempted to parlay her Fox News credentials into a congressional run in Mississippi's 1st Congressional District. McGlowan was ultimately unsuccessful and finished third in the GOP primary. After her loss, “failed candidate” McGlowan returned to Fox. And in Wisconsin, Ron Johnson said he was inspired to run for the U.S. Senate after seeing Dick Morris' call for Republican candidates on Fox News.