On The Fifth Anniversary Of Trayvon Martin's Death, George Zimmerman Praises Fox News And Sean Hannity

George Zimmerman: “Sean Hannity Himself Was The Only Person Who Reported The Truth”

From a February 26 Wesearchr interview:

PETER DUKE (HOST): Which news personalities or organizations truthfully covered the shooting, versus the fake news reporters or organizations?

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN: Fox News was the only one that reported carefully. To add more to that I would say Sean Hannity hismelf was the only person that reported the truth at the time, which was that everyone knew nothing until the trial. And I thank him for that. 


DUKE: How has your political outlet (sic) changed in the past five years and why?

ZIMMERMAN: My political outlet?

DUKE: Your political outlook.

ZIMMERMAN: Well, I trust that Mr. Trump will do the right thing. 

DUKE: And has that changed? Has that moved form another position?

ZIMMERMAN: No sir. I've heard from several good friends of mine that he is the right man for the job to make sure that America is great again. 


DUKE: If you were president, how would you solve the black crime epidemic?

ZIMEMRMAN: I would ask for more mentors to go where they're needed, because I mentored, and I know for a fact it made a difference. But nobody wants to ask those kids. 


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