Coulter Ignores Conservative Media Promoting Birtherism

Monday on Hannity, Ann Coulter blamed the continued focus on the conspiracy theories about President Obama's birth certificate on the “liberal media,” claiming that “you don't see that on Fox News.” Coulter also stated that “every responsible conservative organization” that examined the issue “has shot it down.”

However, Fox News in general, and Hannity in particular have repeatedly entertained debunked conspiracy theories regarding Obama's birth certificate.

On his March 25 Fox News show, Hannity said:

HANNITY: What are we to make of what he's -- the question he's raising? You know, John McCain had questions about whether he was born in America. Dick Cheney had to prove his residency in Wyoming. If we want to take it back further, other presidents have been questioned about their residency. What's wrong with asking about, “OK, can you just show us the birth certificate?” I was born in the same year as the president --


HANNITY: I don't get to make the final decision. But the answer is, do I think he was? Yes. Do I think he's -- do I think this is odd that they won't produce the birth certificate?

DANIELS: Well, I think --

HANNITY: It's beginning to get odd to me

The conservative website WND, which currently publishes Coulter's syndicated column, regularly pushes conspiracy theories about Obama's birth certificate.

When will Coulter call out the platforms she appears on for promoting what she calls “a conspiracy theory that won't die on the internet?”