Contrary to past protestation, Sean Hannity announces: “I'm a journalist”

Just the kind of journalist that doesn't do journalism and gets to make stuff up

From the August 7 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): I understand that there are those people that want to be quote, “journalists,” I’m a journalist but I’m an advocacy journalist. I’m a journalist but I’m a talk show host. Being a talk show host, it encompasses a wide variety of different duties. Sometimes I’m doing investigative work, sometimes I’m doing straight reporting, sometimes I’m doing a straight news interview, sometimes I’m debating, sometimes I’m giving news and opinion which I do all the time. Not all the time but I do a lot of the time. So it’s, far different role than what other people do. It’s like the editorial page but I also do journalist work. We do our own digging, we get our own sources, we get our own information and frankly I think we disseminate more real news than a lot of other people out there and we’re proud of what we do and I think we play a vital role in this news media landscape, especially today because they’re all one sided and it’s like a bunch of sheep following each other.


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