Conservative media defend BP by claiming Obama is “demonizing” the company

Media conservatives are rushing to BP's defense, attacking the Obama administration for “demonizing” the company after the Gulf oil spill.

Conservative chorus: Administration is “demonizing” BP

Varney: The federal government has “demonized” and “looted” BP. Appearing on Glenn Beck, Fox Business' Stuart Varney stated: “BP was prepared to meet all genuine claims, all viable claims. It said frequently it would pay legitimate claims. Not good enough for the government. They have successfully demonized and now looted BP.” [Glenn Beck, 6/16/10]

Barnes' advice to Obama: “Stop demonizing BP.” Discussing public approval ratings of Obama's handling of the spill, Fox News political contributor Fred Barnes said that Obama could “turn those poll numbers around” by ending the six-month moratorium on offshore drilling and “particularly stop demonizing BP.” [Special Report with Bret Baier, 6/15/10]

Newsmax's Kessler: Obama has “confused the good guys with the bad guys by demonizing BP.” Newsmax's Ronald Kessler wrote in a June 14 article: “Count on Obama to emerge from the meeting with BP full of bravado, childishly saying he is trying to determine 'whose ass to kick.' ” Kessler continued: “But having confused the good guys with the bad guys by demonizing BP, Obama has torpedoed his own efforts.” [, 6/14/10]

Hoenig: Congressional hearings are “about humiliating CEOs and demonizing big oil.” Appearing on Fox Business Network's Cavuto, guest Jonathan Hoenig commented: “Well, this wasn't about solutions, Neil. This wasn't about cleaning up the oil spill. This is about humiliating CEOs and demonizing big oil, not unlike the Toyota hearings, not unlike the bank hearings. I mean, that was the purpose of today's hearings.” [Cavuto, 6/15/10]

Varney: Obama's response is to "[d]emonize BP, seize its assets, raise taxes on energy." Appearing on Hannity, Varney stated: “The administration's response can be summed up as follows: Demonize BP, seize its assets, raise taxes on energy, and therefore raise prices, pile on regulation, appoint a commission, all to gloss over the failure to deal promptly with the oil spill. And then give us pipe dreams about a green future.” [Hannity, 6/15/10]

Palin: "[W]e can't afford to demonize" BP. On The O'Reilly Factor, Fox News' Sarah Palin complained that “we can't afford to demonize these energy producers to such an extent, though, that they go under. We do need to work with them, though, but we need to verify everything it is and hold them accountable for all that they have done in this situation.” [The O'Reilly Factor, 6/15/10]

Crowley: "[T]his is his default position: demonize BP." On The McLaughlin Group, radio host and Fox News political analyst Monica Crowley commented: “Look, this is nothing new coming from this president. He needs an enemy, John. He has demonized the banks, demonized Wall Street, demonized health care companies, demonized Fox News, demonized the Republicans. So it's -- this is his default position: demonize BP, when what the White House should be doing -- there will be plenty of time to assign blame, do the lawsuits, do the culpability. But right now, they should be working as partners to try to plug the damn hole and get the area cleaned up.” [The McLaughlin Group, 6/13/10]