CNN's Trump Apologist Predicts Conservative Media Will Unite Behind Trump, “Turn Their Fire On Hillary”

From the May 3 edition of CNN's America's Choice 2016:

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JEFFREY LORD: You're going to start to see the big guns in the conservative universe now --

ANDERSON COOPER: You're going to see the what?

LORD: You're going to see the big guns in the conservative universe, the talk radio folks -- not all of them. I have no idea what's happening with Glenn Beck. But I would imagine that with this sort of official understanding here that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee and the only one left is Kasich and the RNC is now saying he's the guy, that you will start to see perhaps Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, you will start to see this come out and what they'll do is they'll turn their fire on Hillary, not that they haven't been doing it already. 


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