CNN's Stelter: Trump Accuses Media Of Bias While Consuming Biased Media, Including “Shows Like Sean Hannity's”

Brian Stelter: “Is It Fair To Say That Donald Trump Also Consumes Biased Media, Shows Like Sean Hannity's, And Then Repeats Things That He Hears On Fox News?”

From the August 14 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources:

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BRIAN STELTER (HOST): Last night Trump renewed his warning to The New York Times, saying he might stop giving the paper press credentials. Can you tell me if that's actually going to happen? 

JASON MILLER: We'll see. I mean, certainly today's article was complete nonsense and we'll be reviewing that very closely. 

STELTER: Don't you feel it's undemocratic, given that the First Amendment of our constitution ensures a free press, to warn about revoking press credentials from news outlets?

MILLER: So our events are open to anyone. Anyone can come to our events, anyone can sit in the audience, but as far as areas that we have blocked off for actually press credentials and for increased access -- look, if there's complete biassed, ridiculous reporting that's going on, then look, we have to stand up and defend ourselves. 

STELTER: Your message is about media bias; I know that every day, almost every day this week, you have been sending out emails, we can put one on screen, label specific web pages and articles as examples of media bias. Is it fair to say that Donald Trump also consumes biased media, you know, shows like Sean Hannity's, and then repeats things that he hears on Fox News?

MILLER: Well, Brian, as you're putting up a couple of images of these. So very specifically what we've started doing with the campaign is we've started pushing back on these examples of media bias that are out there. And a lot of times when folks think of media bias, they might be thinking purely of say, a reporter editorializing from under a byline, putting their own personal thoughts and feelings into a story. That's certainly the case, or sometimes the full picture of what's going on isn't actually being presented to the reader. But one of the biggest problems that we have are the filter with which news is being presented to people. So for example as you showed up there there were two days in a row this past week, where The New York Times or maybe the week before, where The New York Times had two top of the fold, top right-hand corner stories, were both negative on Mr. Trump. They did that two days in a row. This was at the same time where Hillary Clinton was going through her $400 million dollar -- the administration and Secretary Clinton's failed leadership, talking about the $400 million dollars in cash that went to Iran as part of the $1.7 billion, it was part of that payment. We're continuing to talk about emails over and over again. But there was none of that on the front page of The New York Times. And one of the other things we've started to point out is website biases, so, our first repeat winner for the media bias award, where literally they had the first six or seven stories in the left-hand column were all negative hit pieces on Mr. Trump, which is ridiculous. And this is, again, in the middle of Hillary Clinton --

STELTER: You call them hit pieces, I call them reporting, there's a lot to write about the Donald Trump campaign. And you're making it sound like there's an equivalent amount to write about the Clinton campaign.


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