CNN's Stelter Explains How Sean Hannity's Low Standards Are “Anti-Journalism” And “Hurting His Viewers”

Brian Stelter: “Hannity Does Not Recognize Real Journalism. He Actively Opposes Real Journalism.”

From the March 12 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources:

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BRIAN STELTER (HOST): What [Monica] Crowley called a campaign, a hit job, is what most of us call journalism. But Hannity does not recognize real journalism. He actively opposes real journalism. So rather than asking Crowley about why she plagiarized, he did the opposite.


Hannity never used the p-word at all. He never explained why Crowley really lost her job. Instead he said that a mutual friend debunked those unspoken charges, and that wasn't true either. This kind of stuff hurts Hannity's viewers. By trying to rehab his friend's reputation on TV, by bringing her back on the set without honestly addressing what went wrong, Hannity is allowing for really low standards. He should be encouraging high standards for conservative commentators, high ethical and moral standards to win the battle of ideas, but no.

Let me show you another example. Hannity is so anti-journalism that he's been fanning this conspiracy theory that suggests Americans conducted cyber attacks and made it look like Russia's fault. All part of a plot to make Trump look bad. 


Again, hurting his viewers. This anti-CIA idea came from a WikiLeaks press release. But the actual documents that WikiLeaks dumped on the web don't support the claims. Says who? Says one of Hannity's corporate cousins: the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal. Google this story, you'll find it. It's too bad Hannity didn't interview one of those real reporters. Maybe he would have learned something. Once again, a sin of omission.


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