CNN's Phil Mudd defends Mueller after Trump promotes Sean Hannity show that called Mueller a crime boss

Mudd: “You got that dirt bag telling me that one of the most storied FBI directors ever is a crime boss?”

From the April 12 edition of CNN Newsroom with John Berman and Poppy Harlow:

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JOHN BERMAN (CO-HOST): Phil, if I can, I want to get your reaction to Sean Hannity calling [special counsel] Robert Mueller a crime boss?

PHIL MUDD(CNN COUNTERTERRORISM ANALYST): I spent four and a half years by Robert Mueller. This is a storied prosecutor, one of the most legendary FBI directors, spent 12 years as an FBI director for both President Bush and President Obama. Decorated military veteran being compared to a crime boss when he's investigating a man who bragged about his genitalia during a campaign, who lied about the Obama birth certificate during the campaign and said so, whose press secretary lied within 24 hours of getting into the White House, who lied about the Trump Towers being wired, who has got what, 17, 18 women -- I lost the number of fingers to count on -- how many women who've said he did something inappropriate, whose advisers have quit because they lied to federal investigators about everything from financial fraud to their involvement with the Russian ambassador. So you've got that dirt bag telling me that one of the most storied FBI directors ever is a crime boss? You put him side-by-side and you tell me what we got here, John. Facts are facts. Robert Mueller's an American legend. The president is a dirt bag. I don't know what to tell you. I'm so pissed off. I spent four years with Mueller, he's a great guy.

BERMAN: I should say Phil, your statement there is about the president of the United States. That's a remarkable statement or a notable statement coming from someone who worked for the government. 

MUDD: Oh come on, John. He spoke about his genitalia. He made fun of a woman's face during the campaign. He made fun of a woman's menstrual cycle. What do you want me to say? 


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