CNN's John King: "Trump's Support Network, Which Includes Sean Hannity,” Has Chosen Trump Over Paul Ryan

From the October 11 edition of CNN's Inside Politics:

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JOHN KING (HOST): So [Donald] Trump is at his rallies trashing the Republican establishment, which he says is timid and coward. His national spokeswoman said that Trump supporters should punish those Republicans if they're on the ballot in your state. If you're in Ohio and Rob Portman is up, vote for Trump, don't vote for Portman. And Trump's support network, which includes Sean Hannity of Fox News, they look at this election and say this.


SEAN HANNITY: Finally we have a Republican, by the way and this better be the new Republican Party because these other guys like [Paul] Ryan, they're done. They don't know it yet, but their days are over. These guys are just so bad.


So Sean Hannity's preference is that Republicans choose a guy who in the past 15 years has been pro-Clinton, pro-choice and pro-groping, over Paul Ryan, over Paul Ryan, who -- maybe he cuts deals, but he's been consistently pro-life and consistently saying we should balance the budget and consistently saying we should go into the African-American and inner-city communities and try to find a conservative way to deal with poverty. That's the choice. Really? 


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