CNN's Erickson appears on Fox's Hannity with WND's Corsi -- why?

On Tuesday, Hannity's “Great American Panel” included CNN contributor Erick Erickson and senior writer and discredited birther Jerome Corsi. Erickson seemed right at home along Sean Hannity and Corsi, which makes it all the more curious why CNN would allow him to appear.

It was not Erickson's first appearance on Hannity since joining CNN and Hannity only mentioned Erickson's credentials when introducing him.

Whether or not CNN was fully aware of (or cared about) Erickson's history of inflammatory rhetoric before hiring him as a contributor, it is now responsible for his rhetoric since he joined the network.

Since the network's March 16 announcement, Erickson has suggested he'll resort to violence against census workers and claimed that President Obama “really doesn't like the military” because he didn't lay a wreath at Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day.

Erickson has said he got a “nice deal” from CNN. So why is CNN still paying Erickson if they're going to let him go on Fox News (presumably) for free?