CNN’s Carol Costello: It “Seems Like The Conservative Media Is Running Trump’s Campaign”

GOP Strategist Rick Wilson: Breitbart News Under Trump's Campaign CEO Has Acted "Like Der Stürmer In Germany In The 1930s”

From the August 22 edition of CNN’s CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello:

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CAROL COSTELLO (HOST): Add Fox News’ Sean Hannity to the list of advisers for Mr. Donald Trump. He joins Breitbart News editor Steve Bannon as CEO of Trump’s campaign.


John, what do you make of Sean Hannity like I guess informally advising Trump's campaign along with Breitbart's editor? What should we make of that?

JOHN BRABENDER: Well, I think what it says is that Donald Trump realizes that he needs to listen to a broad group of people. And look, we know he listens to Rudy Giuliani. We know that he listens to a lot of other the presidential candidates. We know that he goes and does all these town hall meetings, basically. And so, I think it's actually admirable that he's not afraid to listen to people. And some don't even always have the same view that he has. And I think that's what you want as a president.

COSTELLO: Well, Rick, it almost seems like the conservative media is running Trump's campaign.

RICK WILSON: Well, look, Trump is the human avatar of the Breitbart comments section: stupid, vulgar, racist, anti-Semitic, vile in almost every aspect. This is a guy who now has Steve Bannon around him, a guy who's the architect of a news outlet, “news” outlet, that is incredibly racially divisive, that is incredibly intolerant. They have attacked on a consistent basis Muslims, and now Mormons. And they're acting like Der Stürmer in Germany in the 1930s more than actually a legitimate conservative media outlet. So Bannon's band of misfit toys is still going to be pumping out this kind of very vile propaganda. Steve is now the right hand of Donald Trump. And he plays to Trump's worst instincts. He plays to the most divisive, nasty aspects of Trump's personality.


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