CNN’s Brian Stelter: Sean Hannity Has Interviewed Trump “Many Many Times And Is A Very Soft Interviewer”

Stelter: “Hannity Is Giving Trump A Friendly Outlet” On Fox

From the April 17 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources:

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BRIAN STELTER (HOST): [Sean] Hannity is giving Trump a friendly outlet.


STELTER: I'm going to be curious to see how [Megyn] Kelly, if at all, changes her tone about Trump in the next month, as she’s seeking this interview. Because one of the questions, I think, we all wonder, we all ask as we watch these interviews of Trump on any channel is how much are these interviewers trying to treat Trump in a way that's gentle in order to get him to come back. Now I think Hannity is an example of that, Hannity’s had him on many many times and is a very soft interviewer, because that’s an advocacy show. Interviewers on CNN and NBC and elsewhere have been much tougher on Trump.


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