CNN's Brian Stelter: Media reports now support the idea that President “Trump is a producer of Hannity's show”

Stelter: “Trump is giving advice and guidance for Hannity's show on a nightly basis”

From the May 14 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360

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ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): The president certainly is a busy man. To make the symmetry better New York magazine is out with a new story about President Trump and his friendship with Fox News opinion commentator Sean Hannity. The magazine says the feedback loop between the two is strong and getting stronger with Hannity phoning the White House most nights after his show is off the air and then linking up with the president for counsel and commiseration. Helping me to break all this down, CNN's Brian Stelter and presidential historian Douglas Brinkley. So, Brian, first of all, what else can you tell us about what New York magazine is reporting? 

BRIAN STELTER: The story really supports the idea that Hannity is a key adviser to President Trump and that  Trump is a producer of Hannity's show. I think that direction is a really interesting piece of this. Trump is giving advice and guidance for Hannity's show on a nightly basis. The story says that on some days Hannity and Trump speak multiple times with one of them calling the other to, quote, “inform them of the latest developments.” 


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