CNN's Brian Stelter Criticizes Fox For Linking Alleged Rape Of Maryland Girl To Trump's Immigration Agenda

From the March 26 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources:

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BRIAN STELTER (HOST): Rapes and assaults and murders are local news stories on a daily basis. But when do they break through to become national news and when do they not? This week the health care bill, the talks in the House, dominated cable news coverage all over the place but Fox News also focused heavily on another story, and sometimes tying it to the president's immigration agenda.


A sickening story from Rockville, Maryland about an alleged rape at a school. Now on Fox, all roads lead back to media bias, so Tucker Carlson called out channels like CNN for not covering this story thoroughly, for not covering it extensively. He also pointed out NBC, CBS, ABC’s nightly newscasts did not cover this alleged rape. Now Fox chose to focus on that partly tying it to Trump's immigration agenda. That was a story in Maryland. But there was another story with Maryland ties that got little to no coverage anywhere on Fox or other channels. This is a story that crossed state lines from Maryland to New York. You may not have heard about it. This was about an army veteran, an alleged white supremacist, who drove to New York and attacked a 66-year-old black man with a 26-inch knife, killing that man. Now, there is much still to be learned about this story. You can you see surveillance footage from the incident here. But, this story received almost no coverage on Fox or CNN or anywhere else for that matter. Another example of a crime, but not a crime that fit the political agenda of those pro-Trump hosts on Fox.


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