Challenged On Absurdity Of Southern Border Fence, Hannity Says He'd Put A Fence On Canadian Border Too

From the October 10 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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HANNITY: My point is, don't you think it would be in our best interest if we want to not get hit again by terrorists to maybe secure our border?

BECKEL: I don't think that's the place you need to worry about it.

HANNITY: You don't want to secure the border?

BECKEL: No, of course I want to secure the border. But I think that's a fool's game. You keep talking about it, as if somehow - you keep talking about this, theRepublicans and the right-wing keep talking about arming the border, 12 foot fence and I've told you over and over again, I'll buy the 13-foot ladder. You're silly. You're being silly.


BECKEL: I just want to say that when you listen to Hunter, and you start spreading this fear about ISIS coming through the border of Mexico, it is absurd. Canada would be a place you might want to come through. There is no organized -

HANNITY: I'd put a fence there too. Colonel --

BECKEL: Oh you would put a fence by Canada? That would make some news, now. Are you sure?


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