Campaign arm: Fox merges Bachmann/Palin campaign rally with Hannity show

Viewers tuning in to Sean Hannity's April 7 show on Fox News were treated to something unusual, even in the world of cable news. Hannity hosted his show from the Minneapolis convention center, the site of a rally earlier in the day for the re-election campaign of Republican Rep. Michelle Bachmann, surrounded by a crowd with “Bachmann” placards.

Hannity was joined on stage by Bachmann, as well as Fox News contributor Sarah Palin. As Hannity noted, Palin had been the “headliner” at Bachmann's rally. The question is: where did the rally end and Hannity's show begin?

Hannity introduced the crowd by referring to the attendees as “conservatives rallying in support of the values that will help the Republican party take back control of the congress this November.” In the past Fox has claimed that they had straight news shows separate from “editorial” shows, and while that was a demonstrably false assertion, they clearly need to add a category for “rallies for the Republican party” shows.


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