Anti-Clinton Authors Dedicated Their Book To A Holocaust Denier Who Blames A “Jewish Plot” For 9/11

Trump And Hannity Endorsed Book Dedicated To Author Of The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking The 20th Century's Greatest Fabrication

Roger Stone and Robert Morrow's book The Clintons' War On Women is dedicated to and repeatedly cites research from Victor Thorn, who wrote The Holocaust Hoax Exposed and blames a “Jewish plot” for the 9/11 attacks. Stone and Morrow's book has been repeatedly touted by Fox News and endorsed by Sean Hannity and Donald Trump. Stone recently promoted the book in an interview with Thorn for the American Free Press, an anti-Semitic publication founded by “one of the most influential American anti-Semitic propagandists” who used his “publishing to denigrate Jews and other minorities and galvanize the movement to deny the Holocaust.”

UPDATE: Robert Morrow responded to this report on Twitter, saying he is "[v]ery proud to have ace researcher Victor Thorn as a friend of mine." He also described Thorn as an “expert” on the “Clinton/Bush Crime familys [sic]” and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy:

Stone And Morrow Dedicate The Clintons' War On Women To Victor Thorn

Stone And Morrow Dedicate Their Book To Thorn. Stone and Morrow dedicate The Clintons' War on Women to Victor Thorn and other “journalists” who “have done more than anyone else to expose the Clintons' epic transgressions.” From the dedication page:

Dedicated to the women and men violated by Bill and Hillary Clinton in their scramble for power.

And also to Sean Hannity, Nick Bryant, Matt Drudge, Peter Schweitzer, Daniel Halper, Michael Goodwin, Christopher Hitchens, David Sirota, Paul Sperry, Ed Klein, Brent Scher, Victor Thorn, Marinka Peschmann, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Jim Nelson, Roger Morris, Sally Denton, and Chris Ruddy. These journalists have done more than anyone else to expose the Clintons' epic transgressions. --Roger Stone and Robert Morrow. [The Clintons' War on Women, 2015]

Stone And Morrow Repeatedly Rely On Thorn's Research In Their Book. The Clintons' War on Women cites Victor Thorn's book Hillary and Bill: The Drugs Volume five times in the endnotes. They also cite Thorn by name in their chapter, “Clinton, Bush, Barry Seal, And The Mena Deal,” which postulates that during the 1980s, then-Vice President George H.W. Bush and then-Governor Clinton were engaged in an international cocaine smuggling ring. The authors cited Thorn's book Hillary (and Bill): The Sex Volume in their bibliography section. [The Clintons' War on Women, 2015]

Thorn Is A Prolific Conspiracy Theorist Author And Contributor To The Anti-Semitic Publication American Free Press. [American Free Press, 8/30/14]

Thorn Claims To Have Documented How The Clintons Are Tied To “More Than 100” Murders. American Free Press wrote of their contributor's Clinton work:

Hillary (and Bill): The Sex Volume is part one of the trilogy. In 334 pages, Thorn paints an intimate yet disturbing portrait of this infamous political couple by getting inside their heads, revealing their motives and disclosing their darkest secrets. This is more than just another book on Hillary Rodham and Bill Clinton.

In part two, Hillary (and Bill): The Drugs Volume, Thorn details in 310 pages the Clinton's long-standing ties to the notorious Dixie Mafia, and details how billions of dollars of cocaine, cash and weapons passed through Mena, Arkansas during the 1980s, with the full knowledge of Bill and Hillary, to finance the illegal war in Nicaragua. To the detriment of your average American, tons of this coke help fuel the cocaine epidemic of the 1980s.

The final 383-page book in the trilogy, Hillary (and Bill): The Murder Volume, addresses the “Clinton Body Count” do determine if it is real or simply an urban legend. He details an overwhelming body of evidence to prove that the more than 100 people who've died under mysterious circumstances--all tied in some way, shape, or form to the Clintons--far surpasses any chance of it merely being coincidence. [American Free Press, 8/30/14]

In An Interview, Stone Cited Thorn Among The “Many Brave Journalists” Whose Work He And Morrow Relied On. In an interview with WND, Stone said, “We rest on the shoulders of many brave journalists who have documented and written the stunning facts about the Clintons” and cited Victor Thorn. [WND, 9/7/15]

Stone Granted An Interview To Thorn In The American Free Press. Stone promoted his book in an American Free Press interview published on November 12. The article, which pushed smears against the Clintons, noted that the book is “dedicated to Victor Thorn and others.” [American Free Press, 11/12/15]

Thorn's First Google Result Is His Holocaust Denialism. At publication time, the first Google result for “Victor Thorn” is his book The Holocaust Hoax Exposed, followed by a link to his work at American Free Press and “Victor Thorn on the Holocaust.” [, accessed 11/12/15]

Stone And Morrow Are Disreputable. Roger Stone is “America's most notorious political hatchet man” who formed an anti-Hillary Clinton group called “C.U.N.T.” Robert Morrow has wished death on Hillary Clinton and been visited by the Secret Service, posted bizarre sexual writings about the Clinton family, and called Chelsea Clinton a “slut” who might “have sex one day” with Bill Clinton. [Media Matters, 10/14/15]

Trump And Hannity Endorsed Stone's Book. Donald Trump and Sean Hannity have endorsed The Clintons' War on Women. Trump tweeted on October 14:

Stone previously served as a top paid aide to Trump's presidential campaign, and says he and Trump are “on cordial terms. We talk ... Trump has been my friend for 35 years. He's still my friend.” Hannity told his Fox News audience that the book “needs to be read by anybody that thinks Hillary is a champion of women's rights.” [Politico, 10/14/15;, 10/14/15; Media Matters, 6/5/14, 10/14/15; Talking Points Memo, 9/2/15]

The American Free Press Is An Anti-Semitic Publication

SPLC: American Free Press Is An “Anti-Semitic Weekly.” The Southern Poverty Law Center has written that the American Free Press is an “anti-Semitic weekly” that “was founded by Holocaust denier Willis Carto.” [Southern Poverty Law Center, 7/15/11]

American Free Press Was Founded By “One Of The Most Influential American Anti-Semitic Propagandists.” A November 1 New York Times obituary for Carto described him as “a reclusive behind-the-scenes wizard of the far-right fringe of American politics who used lobbying and publishing to denigrate Jews and other minorities and galvanize the movement to deny the Holocaust”:

Willis Carto, a reclusive behind-the-scenes wizard of the far-right fringe of American politics who used lobbying and publishing to denigrate Jews and other minorities and galvanize the movement to deny the Holocaust, died last Monday at his home in Virginia. He was 89.

His death was announced by The American Free Press, a newspaper he helped found.

Mr. Carto raised funds to finance a right-wing military dictatorship in the United States, campaigned to persuade blacks to voluntarily return to Africa and, most influentially, started newsletters, a journal and conferences of academics and others to deny the scale, and even the existence, of the Holocaust.

The Anti-Defamation League called him “one of the most influential American anti-Semitic propagandists” and “the mastermind of the hate network.” [The New York Times, 11/1/15]

ADL: American Free Press Is “An Anti-Semitic Conspiracy-Oriented News­pa­per.” The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) wrote that the American Free Press is “an anti-Semitic conspiracy-oriented news­pa­per” that attracts “the most vit­ri­olic anti-Semites.” [, 6/1/15, 10/30/15]

American Free Press Publishes Virulently Anti-Semitic Writing. Recent posts on the American Free Press website carry such headlines as: “Why Can We Question Anything but the 'Holocaust'?”; “Third Consecutive Zionist Jew to Head U.S.'s Economic Warfare Division”; and “Meet the Man Who Invented the 'Holocaust'” [“Holocaust High Priest: Elie Wiesel”] [American Free Press, 10/18/15, 8/31/15, 6/10/15]

Thorn Is A Holocaust Denier Who Blames A “Jewish Plot Against America” For 9-11

ADL: Thorn “Has Pub­lished Books Pro­mot­ing Anti-Government And Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories.” The ADL wrote of Thorn:

In addi­tion to writ­ing con­spir­a­to­r­ial arti­cles for AFP, he has pub­lished books pro­mot­ing anti-government and anti-Semitic con­spir­acy the­o­ries. His lat­est book, The Holo­caust Hoax Exposed: Debunk­ing the 20th Century's Biggest Lie, clearly pro­motes Holo­caust denial. AFP itself focuses on anti-Semitic themes, from anti-Israel con­spir­acy the­o­ries to Holo­caust denial. AFP is pub­lished by long-time anti-Semite and Holo­caust denier Willis Carto. [, 7/19/12]

Thorn's Holocaust Hoax Exposed Claims To Reveal The “Truth” About Concentration Camps, “Anne Frank's Fable,” And “The Absurd 'Six Million' Figure.” A description for Thorn's book The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking The 20th Century's Greatest Fabrication -- the book is also marketed with the subtitle, Debunking the 20th Century's Biggest Lie -- states that it purportedly exposes “the mythology surrounding 'concentration camps,' the truth about Zyklon B, Anne Frank's fable, how the absurd 'six million' figure has become a laughingstock, and the betrayal by maniacal Zionists of their own Jewish people that led to their deaths”:

Despite these obvious dangers, The Holocaust Hoax Exposed dissects every element of what has become the 20th century's most grotesque conspiracy. Covered in jarring detail is the mythology surrounding “concentration camps,” the truth about Zyklon B, Anne Frank's fable, how the absurd “six million” figure has become a laughingstock, and the betrayal by maniacal Zionists of their own Jewish people that led to their deaths (via starvation and disease) after Allied bombings cutoff supply lines to German work camps.

Yet, the only way an Israeli state could be created on stolen Palestinian land following WW II was through the most outlandish lies imaginable. Consequently, the holohoax industry has become a tyrannical dictatorship that incessantly manipulates, distorts, marginalizes and manufactures false results to achieve their Machiavellian ends. By taking their hysterical obsessions to psychopathic levels, the charlatans behind this ruse make it glaringly apparent how weak their foundation is.

To compensate, these intellectually dishonest conmen (and women) continue to persecute revisionist historians all because they're incapable of supporting their arguments through legitimate debate. The Holocaust Hoax Exposed is the final nail in a rotting coffin that has long been buried beneath a plethora of deceit. [, accessed 11/12/15; American Free Press, 6/23/12]

Thorn Is The Author Of “MADE IN ISRAEL: 9-11 And The Jewish Plot Against America.” A description for Thorn's book states:

It is true that 9-11 was an “inside” job, and criminal elements within the U.S. government were undoubtedly involved, as is so often stated by many authors and activists. But 9-11 was much more. It was an “outside” job also, ultimately made in Israel, as a mountain of evidence compiled in this new, landmark book clearly shows.

For example, whereas other authors and activists have repeatedly pointed out that Marvin Bush, brother of former President George W. Bush, was on the board of directors of a company responsible for security at the World Trade Center, Thorn specifically names the Jewish-owned security firms involved, discusses them in detail, and most importantly, points out who actually owned--and therefore controlled--them. It certainly wasn't Bush.


Jewish control of World Trade Center security and Jewish ownership of the WTC complex is only one tiny piece of the 9-11 puzzle that Thorn meticulously pieces together. The degree of Jewish-Zionist influence over many aspects of American society documented in this book is mind-boggling. [American Free Press, accessed 11/12/15]

Thorn Is The Author Of “9-11 EVIL: Israel's Central Role In The September 11, 2001, Terrorist Attacks.” A description for Thorn's book states:

Who was really behind the controlled demolition of three buildings of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, along with the other incidents in Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon? In 9-11 EVIL: Israel's Central Role in the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks, Victor Thorn points his finger at the one entity that most other authors (even in the so-called 9-11 truth movement) prefer not to even mention: Israel.

Thorn makes a convincing case that Israel-firsters were responsible for the mysterious Pentagon stand-down that allowed the “attack on America” to proceed. Thorn also contends that Zionists infiltrated Air Force One and threatened President Bush on the morning of September 11, 2001, with electronic capabilities even more sophisticated than those of the NSA. [American Free Press, accessed 11/12/15]

Thorn: Obama Is “The Product Of A Vast Socialist Conspiracy ... Bankrolled And Organized By Jewish Financiers.” In his book Frontman: Obama's Darkest Secrets Revealed, Thorn lays out “the actual powers” behind Obama's presidency, including “Bilderberg plotters, Zionist handlers, global financiers and Marxist activists.” In a chapter sample available online, Thorn writes, “Is Barack Obama the product of a vast socialist conspiracy designed to undermine the fundamental tenets established by our Founding Fathers, all bankrolled and organized by Jewish financiers? The answer is unequivocally: yes.” [American Free Press, accessed 11/12/15]

Thorn's Fringe Conspiracy Theories About Aurora, Sandy Hook, And The JFK Assassination

Thorn Wrote Book About “Predominance Of Gays And/Or Bisexuals” Involved In JFK Assassination. In JFK's Gay Slayers, Thorn sought to correct the fact that “no book has been entirely devoted to the predominance of gays and/or bisexuals in what is still, to this day, one of the greatest conspiracies of all-time.” [American Free Press, accessed 11/12/15]

Thorn Labeled Aurora Theater Mass Shooting A “Manchurian Candidate-Style Bloodbath.Thorn speculated in an article headlined, “Was Federal Operation Behind the Creation of Aurora Mass Murderer?,” that government mind control was involved in the 2012 mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. According to Thorn, “It's probable that an experienced marksman riddled the audience with gunfire before slipping away as the mind-controlled Holmes waited outside by his car.” [American Free Press, 7/26/12]

Thorn On Sandy Hook Mass Shooting: “Was SHES Even A Functional School?” Thorn has argued that “neither Newtown, Connecticut officials nor the press have provided concrete, verifiable physical evidence proving that a lone-nut gunman, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, murdered 26 individuals at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.” Thorn also promoted claims from an “independent researcher” arguing, “The only area of Sandy Hook Elementary School that looked normal was the lobby, and I'm sure that was staged for this event [the alleged shooting]. I'm almost entirely convinced that this school had been shut down for years and was being used as storage.” [American Free Press, 5/3/15]