Ann Coulter: Hillary's Presidency And Immigration Policy Would Mark “The End Of America As We Conceive Of It”

Ann Coulter: “What You Have Is Black Democrats Against Asian Democrats, Against Hispanic Democrats. Soon, We'll Have The Muslim Democrats. It’s The End Of America”

From the November 7 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): What is your closing argument? Why do you -- why do you want people in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa, New Hampshire and Maine, in Wisconsin, and Michigan and Minnesota and Pennsylvania and Colorado and New Mexico, and Nevada --

ANN COULTER: This is not -- this is not

HANNITY: Why do they --

COULTER: This is no longer Democrats versus the Republicans, it's the ruling class against the American people. I don't care what your political party is, this is Wall Street, the hedge funds, the political consultants, Washington, D.C., and as we have seen, the entire media protecting their privileges, their cheap labor, their fake virtue.

They want, Hillary wants open borders. She says -- she has vowed to grant amnesty to all illegal aliens in this country. Boy, we keep hearing about Donald Trump not giving us specifics, we haven't gotten any specifics from Hillary Clinton. How many -- how about the felons? Does she amnesty them? She says if she can't get Congress to pass it, she'll do it the way Barack Obama did.

And since she's going to get the next supreme -- if she wins, she will get the next Supreme Court nominee, that will be upheld. That means immediately another 40-50 million voters for the Democrats.

It's the end of America, there is no point in caring about politics anymore. There's no point to what you do, I do, Fox News, talk radio, the entire country becomes California. And by the way, soon the Democrats are gone too, they think they're going to be living on high street, look at the Democratic Party in California. It isn't the Democratic Party as we conceive of it nationally.

In a multicultural society, in an ethnically diverse society -- as the president of Singapore told the Financial Times about a decade ago, people stop voting their ethnic -- or rather, their political interest, their social interest, their economic interest. They vote their ethnic group, and that's exactly what's happened in California. You don't have, like, Nancy Pelosi Democrats against Joe Biden third way Democrats, blue-collar Democrats.

What you have is Black Democrats against Asian Democrats, against Hispanic Democrats. Soon, we'll have the Muslim Democrats. It's the end of America as we conceive of it, I mean, this is for everyone who lives here. The Trans-Pacific Partnership goes through immediately. Any remaining jobs that haven't already been shipped away --

HANNITY: Just look at the Supreme Court, Ann. I mean, the Supreme Court alone will shift and change this country for generations.

COULTER: That's true of any Democrat, but particularly with Hillary. The corruption, the over -- the end, through third-world immigration. And I assume the immigrants who came to this country came to this country because they didn't want to be living in their old countries. They wanted to be living in America. Well, they will have gone to a lot of trouble, and they won't be living in America anymore, and nor will Americans. We'll be homesick forever.



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