Ann Coulter On Edited Clip Of Hillary Clinton: This Shows Democrats “Are Waiting For Old White People To Die Off”

Fox News gave Ann Coulter a platform to use a deceptive video to claim that Hillary Clinton wants “old white people to die off.”

In a June 1 tweet, right-wing opposition research organization America Rising PAC posted a seven second Vine video showing Hillary Clinton speaking to a supporter at a campaign event. When the unidentified woman asks Clinton to sign something, Clinton suggests the woman “go to the end of the line.” Right-wing media outlets highlighted the video as evidence Clinton is out-of-touch with voters.

Ann Coulter used the video during an appearance on Fox News' Hannity as evidence that Democrats want “old white people to die off” so that they can further “the browning of America”:

But the seven second video was taken out of context. In a post for, political editor and Fox News contributor Guy Benson acknowledged that the full context of the clip “casts the awkward exchange in a far less damaging light”:

When I wondered about context on Twitter, one of the organization's representatives was kind enough to email me the full 17-minute video, which I've since examined.  As I suspected, the added context casts the awkward exchange in a far less damaging light.  Hillary emerges from the building and slowly makes her way down the line of well-wishers, taking photographs, shaking hands, and making small talk.  She's not a natural politician, and many of the interactions feel stilted and perfunctory, but it's nothing out of the ordinary.  When people start asking her to sign items (books, photographs, even baseballs), Hillary seems to make a snap decision that she'll accommodate their requests, but not until she's made it all the way through the crowd.  Hence, the “end of the line” request. 


Opponents shouldn't waste their time with this out-of-context encounter, which I'll go ahead and label a manufactured 'outrage.'  There's much less to it than meets the eye.