Ann Coulter Attacks “Second-Generation Immigrant Nikki Haley” For Taking Down Confederate Flag In South Carolina

Coulter: Second Generation Immigrant Gov. Haley Is “Strip[ping] Americans Of Their History, And Their Heritage, This Is The Political Correctness That Trump Is Going Against”

From the September 20 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Did you see Obama spoke to the UN today, and talked down America 11 times? 11 -- America, “there's too much money in politics, there's too much entrenched partisanship, too few Americans civically engaged, a patchwork of laws in America, set out to make it hard for Americans to vote. Considering our founding ideals, America's made our share of mistakes over the last 25 years --”


HANNITY: “The only way the world will become more secure is for powerful nations like America to accept constraints,” and it goes -- i just can't even read it.

COULTER: But this is exactly what I was talking about at the beginning, this -- it's not political, I love that Trump is going after political correctness. Mainly it's his issues, immigration, trade, no more endless pointless wars, but the political correctness is more than just Donald Trump saying “schlonged.” It is the way -- and this kind of political correctness wasn't around with Reagan, it arose sometime since then.

You not only have the little Nazi block watchers, but it's that it's infected our entire dialogue so that it is the official position of the Democratic Party that America is better the more Americans we replace with foreigners. And as I point out in the book, it's exactly the opposite of truth.

This country was founded by the most honest people on the face of the earth. I mean sure, we have some fabulous immigrants, and we can assimilate the ones who come from different cultures, but this is the culture that works the best and it is part of our political correctness and our multiculturalism, this civic religion that America is a horrible, bad country.

I mean look even at Republicans like NIkki Haley, rushing in to take down confederate soldiers, to take down the -- that's not only part of our history, but wow, talk to Pat Caddell about the history of the civil war and the confederates.


It was an amazing way to end a civil war that no other country had ever done. First of all, 600,000 white men died for the principle that all men are created equal, and then instead of having endless wars like in the Balkans where you're still fighting one another for centuries, they shook hands, the deal was South lost but the North will respect their valor. And it's generally southerners that have formed the backbone of our military that you know, crushed the Nazi war machine.

For -- for, again, second generation immigrant Nikki Haley to come in and -- a Republican, and strip Americans of their history, and their heritage, this is the political correctness that Trump is going against, so much more than forcing reporters to -- to let him say anchor babies.


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