Amid Controversy Over Inconsistencies In His Bio, Sean Hannity Defends Ben Carson's Story As “Truthful”

Hannity: Carson Has To Deal With The “Fact That He Has Been Truthful About Aspects Of His Life”

From the November 6 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY: A lot is being made -- CBS News has a report today, “Ben Carson: CNN Reports On Violent Past 'A Bunch Of Lies.'” Now, he's having to deal with the fact that he has been truthful about aspects of his life. In other words, that he did admit at 14, yeah I was a pretty violent kid. I once even went after my mother with a hammer. And that I went after another friend of mine, turns out to be a relative or somebody in his life, with a knife, and my belt buckle somehow got caught up and it stopped me from actually successfully stabbing the person. And he said, yeah, he did punch a kid in the face. So, you're going to have to decide, that's all on the record. Now, he did say that it's plausible that there might have been grains in the pyramids that were built for pharaohs to be buried in, and people are going, oh, that's outrageous. And I think he was talking philosophically and, you know, religiously about something. He says it's plausible. Plausible doesn't mean that's what they were built for. Then the media seems to want to run with that too. We have now people coming out of the woodwork. They're interviewing three, four, five, six people. Alright? So he said in his own book he tried to beat his mother with a hammer. Said in his own book he punched a classmate in the face. If I had to find all the people that I had fights with as a kid, for crying out loud. It's ridiculous.


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