Alex Jones: “Sean Hannity is currently the main leader of the resistance against the globalists”

Jones: “Sean Hannity talks to Trump two to three times a day”

From the June 22 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): I talked to witnesses a month ago when the reports came out that he was going to be fired who talk to [Sean] Hannity at Fox News where he'd been chewed out for hours by the general counsel, and they had said you keep doing what you're doing you're fired. But he has so much support, and it's so obvious that Fox News is sinking after the Democrat coup there that they have not gotten rid of him yet. But the fact is I know from the White House that no one in media talks to President [Donald] Trump more than Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity talks to President Trump two to three times a day, sometimes at length, and I'll just tell you right now, Sean Hannity is currently the main leader of the resistance against the globalists outside of Trump and then, of course, myself. But I am more grassroots, and I'm more front-line, being demonized, being attacked. It's my job to get the intel out, to take the main attack, to draw the enemy fire, to show that we understand exactly what we're dealing with. 

But I want to give credit where credit's due. He has the most courage of anybody in the media. And his head's on the chopping block because of it, but he's held on. And then on Tuesday night he came out -- The Washington Post obviously pointed this out -- word for word quoted what I've said. But he wasn't plagiarizing me. Headline: “Fox News' Sean Hannity is encroaching on Alex Jones territory.” He was quoting what the Defense department and the president is telling him because what I've told you is what's happening. So Hannity is not even getting this from me. He's getting this from reality. 


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