Ahead Of Second Debate, Laura Ingraham Warns Donald Trump That Moderators' “Goal” Is “To Ensure That You Lose” 

Ingraham: “Understand That The Moderators Aren't Really Moderators. ... They're Not Your Friends. They're Probably Not Going To Be Fair” 

From the October 6 edition of Fox News' Hannity

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): We've got a town hall debate, a little different obviously. You've got two moderators apparently arguing over who gets to beat up Donald Trump this time, who gets to be the third wheel trashing Trump and attacking him. But putting that aside, what is the approach? What is Laura Ingraham's best advice for Donald Trump going into this type of format? 

LAURA INGRAHAM: Understand that the moderators aren't really moderators. The moderators are there to ensure that you lose the presidential election. That's the goal. So just know that going in. They're not your friends. They're probably not going to be fair. So don't even worry about that. And when people are recognized in the audience, and I understand they're thinking of giving a question to a child who is undocumented and the child might ask what's going to happen to me, those types of questions are likely. 


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